Dispatches from Ladyblogland

Dispatches from Ladyblogland

In which my dream to do a group Heathers-themed Halloween costume is validated, Anaïs Nin continues to fascinate, and people have feelings about leggings. Plus much more!

Entertainment Weekly provides a rather fabulous oral history of Heathers.

But in 25 years, no high school movie has ever come close to the bloodthirsty wit and sweet-faced nihilism of Heathers, the 1989 satire about an Ohio high school where suicide becomes a scrunchie-level fad.

Some of us keep diaries, Anaïs Nin kept a liary.

But it’s easier to lie about oneself than about anything else, primarily because it’s easier to lie to oneself than to anyone else; we tend to be our own most gullible readers. And I got the sense that, more often than not, the story I remembered was only the story I most wanted to believe.

Leggings give people feelings. Apparently, a few middle schoolers were told that their leggings gave boys inappropriate feelings. So they rebelled, led by 13-year-old Sophie Hasty. The Force is strong in this one. Slate 

Autostraddle has a delightful introduction to Busty Girl Comics. Because if our boobs are bugging us, the best we can do is laugh about them. Or at them. Darn boobs.

Found via The Hairpin, the New Inquiry has a great think piece on egg donation and elite education.

Elite education may impoverish and indebt young women and do little to get them a job, but at least it makes their eggs valuable.

Feministing’s Syreeta covers racism in photography. Hint: it’s often not the photographer. It’s the film.

Photography is balancing an equation between light and documentary. Beauty and storytelling. Honesty and fantasy. The frame says how the photographer sees you. I couldn’t help but feel that what that photographer saw was so wildly different from how I saw myself.

What did you read this week? And don’t you agree that ladies write some smart stuff?

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