Dispatches from Ladyblogland

Dispatches from Ladyblogland

Live through this week and you’ll get some extra special ladyblogland finds.

Flavorwire invited music-loving women of the feminist persuasion to talk about each track of Hole’s Live Through This.

I must admit my own prejudice here before telling you about the following links. I believe I only read Cosmo in my late teens because I wanted to know how one went about seducing men (protip: Cosmo‘s advice is terrible). However, I’ve seen links to Cosmo articles the past two weeks from blogs like Feministing and Bitch Magazine. Admittedly, my prejudice kept me from posting them here, so here are the two links I saw because I’m very sorry I was so judgy about Cosmo.

Now to make up for linking to Cosmo, XOJane has some genuinely good sex tips (though Coco‘s are better).

More sexy sex: Victorian porn!

Heartbleed is no joke, y’all. But this Hairpin article on how to change your passwords is. Laugh as you try to think of a complicated password you will actually remember. I recommend spelling swear words with numbers.

This video is supposedly awesome because of the meerkats. It seems people have completely ignored the adorable human in the video. Yes, please! (Via a bunch of Tumblr people reblogging the shit out of these cute meerkats this cute human.)

So, what did you read?


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