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Lunchtime Poll: Best April Fool’s Day Pranks

It’s late but we still want to know who’s pranked you the best!

I don’t have one. I KNOW. I’m probably jinxing myself now. So I’m curious to know, who’s had the best April Fool’s Day prank pulled on them? If there are photos, SHOW US! Or even better, link us a video if you have one.

I wish I could say that I’ve experienced a really good joke. I’ve seen the common jokes been done: pranking folks on Facebook saying you’re pregnant or went to Vegas and eloped with so and so. Puh-lease. Been done.

Have something original like this? Guy dares friend to jump into the puddle. Then this glorious, magical thing happens and everyone’s world is turned upside down!!! It’s AMAZING.

I couldn’t stop laughing after a week.

Have anything golden like this one?

By Luann

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We don’t prank in my house, which is good because my husband would kick my butt. But, around the holidays, can we have a Lunchtime Poll on making peoples’ lives miserable with obnoxious present wrapping? It’s practically a competitive sport in husband’s family and I could use some ideas :). (Seriously, it’s been really tame the past couple of years and I’m getting concerned. Also, my brother-in-law works with explosives.)

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