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Lunchtime Poll: Most Unusual Place You’ve Banged

So it doesn’t necessarily have to be an “unusual” place but rather, most interesting place, or a place that’s outside the privacy of a bedroom. Because having sex any place outside of the bedroom is probably already an exciting story!

I read a Jezebel article recently that piqued my interest, titled “Banging in Public Restrooms is D.C.’s Hottest Trend. Is Your City Next?” And of course with a title like that, I said to myself, all right, you have my attention, Jezebel.

The article goes on to talk about how common it is now for people to be found fucking in public restrooms, specifically around D.C. Not that I’ve always thought that knockin’ boots in the restroom was a common occurrence, but personally, I didn’t really think that this sudden new-found knowledge was exactly, cutting edge or daring. But it did have me contemplating on the craziest places I’ve ever done the deed at.

Unfortunately I don’t have any! I mean what’s more typical of an American teenager to have fucked on prom night in the back of someone’s car? Because I’ve done that. I would say that was probably the only unusual place I’ve ever had sex at. I did lose my virginity in a car (I wasn’t very creative in my teenage years apparently) on my then-boyfriend’s 16th birthday. So pretty much, the only most “unusual” place I’ve had sex at (if we even want to call it unusual) is in a car. I really need to spice up my sex adventures.

How about all of you? Have a steamy story to share? Maybe you’ve done it in a public restroom and would love to share that experience! I’m dying to live vicariously through you. Seriously.

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