Movie Looks: Girls Just Want to Have Fun


I finally have time to sit down with my true love, Netflix, and catch up on all the ridiculous things that have been added since I last had a chance to sit down and binge watch.

Girls Just Want to Have Fun is on Netflix, everyone!

Feel the ’80s in your face!

If you love oversimplified plots that somehow are fixed through the love of dance, this is for you.  Maybe you thought the plot was too complicated in Dirty Dancing. Maybe the drama and tension was too much to handle in Footloose.

If that’s true, we have the perfect fluffy, lady-centric dance movie, that hits on so many movie cliches and contains the perfect ’80s stock characters, it’s guaranteed to please* everyone:

  • Awkward, uptight schoolgirl female lead, Janey (Sarah Jessica Parker) with a strict military father and precocious little brother.
  • Nice guy working class male lead, complete with factory worker, widower father (Lee Montgomery).
  • Rich girl vs. poor girl dramatics.
  • The annoying, repressed pervert best friend of the male lead (Jonathan Silverman).
  • Bratty younger sister (Shannen Doherty, honing her bitchcraft).
  • The rebellious, quirky best friend of the female lead (Helen Hunt) who champions everything Janey does.
  • Party crashing scene with inexplicable choreographed dance scene.
  • Dance-off within a dance competition (Danception).

(*Moderately entertain people predisposed to loving campy, cheesy dance movies for a short period of time.)

GJWTHF - Dirty Dancing Lift
Screw you Dirty Dancing, we can do your lift while embracing in an entirely different part of the frame. THE MAGIC OF DANCE.

Only in ’80s movies are the stakes ever, “I don’t want your dad to lose his job at the factory any more than I want my daughter to lose this dance contest.”  Thanks, Evil Rich Guy. If 50+ minutes of dance montages aren’t entirely convincing you to stop everything and find this movie right now, then I present to you…

Amazing Fashion Choices Made in Girls Just Want to Have Fun

GJWTHF - Punk New Wave
Shannen Doherty rocking a punk (new wave would be cooler, but punk is def. better than preteen) look.
GJWTHF - Obligatory Bad Boy shot
We get it, Jeff, you’re a bad boy with a heart of gold. Enough.
GJWTHF - Cher Closet
RICH GIRL HAS THE CHER CLOSET BEFORE CLUELESS. (Also, why do TV/movie teen girls always wear lacy PJ sets like this?)
GJWTHF - Hijinks Outfit
When hijinking, I often pair my white pumps with my white lace socks.
GJWTHF - Punks
Every expression is great, except the second from right doesn’t seem that into this party.
GJWTHF - Scream Reaction
The exact face I make when getting an embossed party invite on high quality paper.
GJWTHF - Diner1
Red hat, also not feeling this country club party. BUT HER FRIEND’S LIPSTICK IS READY TO CONQUER ALL SOCIAL ENGAGEMENTS.
GJWTHF - Diner2
I want to be everyone in this frame.
GJWTHF - Diner3
Remember when makeup looks involved smearing silver everywhere? Tin man chic. (I do not remember, I wasn’t even born when this movie was released.)
GJWTHF - These Guys
Not a fashion look, but I just needed to share this scene.

Did you need to see more of the glory that is Girls Just Want to Have Fun? How about…


GJWTHF - Hand Dance
Hand dancers. I don’t even have anything to say about their outfits (which includes a pink mesh shirt for him) because it starts with intense HAND DANCING.
GJWTHF - Genie
The Flamenco Genie on a Budget, and whatever we found in the closet for your partner.
GJWTHF - Janelle
Janelle Monae may have sought inspiration here.
GJWTHF - Match
Evil Rich Girl modeling a one of kind onesie that doesn’t match her partner, because fuck that guy.
GJWTHF - Heroes
This is what champions wear to dance. Crop tops and sport coats. (Crop tops and sport coats will be my new band name.)

All of this is terrible (except for the Mirror Image duo looking like badass circus ringleaders). Who approved these mismatched disasters?


Carol Bridesmaids

You know what Carol didn’t approve?

Weird Shit that Helen Hunt Wears on Her Head

Aka someone in wardrobe bought some weird toys at the 99 cent store and stuck it to Helen Hunt’s head.

GJWTHF - Space Shuttle
GJWTHF - Spinosaurus Hair Clips
GJWTHF - Grasshopper
GJWTHF - Whatever This is
What went wrong, buddy?

Girls Just Want to Have Fun is now on Netflix and if you aren’t watching it right now, you need to reevaluate everything.

By Karishma

Karishma is a twenty-something living in New York City and is trying her hardest to live out every cliche about Millennials. This involves eating her feelings, drowning in debt and mocking infomercials. She likes sociology so much that she has two degrees in it, and is still warding off her parents' questions about a real career.

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I don’t care either way about Sarah Jessica Parker, but this movie is one of the few places that I actually really enjoy her, also because she’s tempered by the enthusiastic bitchiness of Shannen Doherty and Helen Hunt’s ridiculous fashion sense. I love this cuddly security blanket of a movie.

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