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New Show Recap: Justified 5×12, “Starvation”

Convinced that Daryl Crowe is behind the shooting that put Art in the hospital fighting for his life, Raylan is employing the “scorched earth” method of flushing him out. Things start ugly and end uglier.

Boyd Crowder walking into the US Marshal's office to offer help
“Your savior has arrived.” (photo courtesy of FX)

There’s a lot of ugly to spread around, too, beginning with smooooth Mr. Yoon’s second-in-command Alberto’s visit to Wynn Duffy. Mr. Yoon, and hence Alberto, wants someone to pay for the pile of bodies left in the Mexican desert and he plans on taking that payment from the skin of Boyd Crowder. Duffy tells Alberto that Boyd killed Picker and brags that he (Duffy) killed Boyd in retaliation. Alberto is clearly skeptical and when he asks about Daryl Crowe instead, Duffy offers to find and deliver him to Alberto.

Duffy plans to use the very-much-alive Boyd Crowder to find Daryl. He invites Boyd to a meeting in the Wynnabago but the two men have barely begun to talk some bid’ness when they’re interrupted by Raylan, Tim and Rachel. They want Daryl, too, and their way of asking politely for help is to tow Duffy’s motor coach for expired tags and sic the IRS on his home security business. Raylan has special plans for Boyd, too, in the form of giving the thick file he’s been collecting on Boyd’s misdeeds to a grand jury. The gloves are off and Raylan ain’t playing no more.

Ava in plain grey sweats meeting with Raylan
This has not been a good year for Ava. (photo courtesy of FX)

In an attempt to get a little extra leverage against Boyd, Raylan pays a jailhouse visit to Ava. He wants her to convince Boyd to help capture Daryl but Ava refuses and tells him she has no influence with Boyd anymore, as their relationship is over. Raylan threatens to ask the guards to look the other way when it comes to Ava’s personal safety and she tells him to go to hell. Ava reconsiders Raylan’s offer after Gretchen (the female skinhead who beat Ava up right after she arrived at the prison) has Penny killed then turns in her own gang member to make it look like Ava snitched but by then it’s too late. She is shocked to hear that Boyd has already agreed to help Raylan and without asking for anything related to Ava in return.

Meanwhile, Daryl is leaving a trail of broken bodies everywhere he goes. First he shows up at the hotel room where Mikey has been left to clean up what’s left of Picker. Looking to find out where Boyd stashed his share of the heroin, he beats the shit out of Duffy’s hairdresser boytoy bodyguard until Mikey tells him to go talk to Boyd’s employees, Jimmy and Carl. Mickey hangs on until Duffy and Boyd arrive and manages to gasp out what he told Daryl. Boyd decides to kill two birds with one stone: get rid of the marshals by setting Daryl up to be caught by them.

Much to the surprise of Raylan, et. al., Boyd walks right in the front door of the U.S. Marshal’s office and spins a tale of having accidentally found a few bricks of heroin and hearing a story about Daryl Crowe wanting them. Everyone is suspicious of Boyd’s reasons for cooperating, with the assumption being that he would insist on Ava’s release as payment, but all Boyd asks for in exchange is to be left alone and given a clean slate.

ASA Vasquez, looking lawyerly
Rick Gomez as ASA David Vasquez. Just because he’s cute.

The plan has been set in motion when Carl and Caleb walk into Boyd’s bar with a delivery of beer and find Daryl waiting for them. The two men don’t answer Daryl’s questions about the drugs quick enough so he shoots Caleb in the knee.

Daryl isn’t quite as stupid as he looks (which admittedly might make walking and talking at the same time difficult) and manages to strong arm Wendy into going out to the old barn where the heroin is hidden to retrieve it. She isn’t as stupid as she looks either, and at the last minute, walks out of the barn without ever opening the old refrigerator where the drugs were hidden. Doesn’t matter, though, because Raylan & Co. had the whole place wired for audio and video and arrest her anyway. Raylan then explains to Boyd that Plan B is for Boyd to wear a wire and get Daryl to admit his misdeeds on tape. Boyd refuses point blank… until he sees Alberto drive past and suddenly wearing a wire seems the least dangerous option.

Unfortunately, the best laid plans of mice and men never had Dewey Crowe to contend with. After getting an ass full of buckshot fired by a harmless little old lady from whom he was siphoning gas, Dewey makes tracks back to Audry’s to retrieve his neck-lace (his words) and the little turtle dog (I have no idea) he left with his two favorite whores. He’s not happy to find out the little turtle dog was thrown away and even less thrilled when the ladies’ most recent customer comes out of the bathroom wearing Dewey’s gator teeth around his neck. I for sure thought Dewey was about to get his ass kicked but instead, he comes out on top of that fight with his necklace in hand.

Wendy and Daryl Crowe finding out Kendall will be tried as an adult
Wendy and Daryl Crowe aren’t happy campers. (photo courtesy of FX)

Proving that karma has a wickedly funny sense of humour, as Dewey is leaving Audry’s he sees Boyd arrive, heroin bag in hand, for his meeting with Daryl Crowe. Before Boyd can have a drink, get comfortable and somehow use his silver tongue to get Daryl talking about all the bad shit he’s done, Dewey bursts in to the room and at the top of his lungs first admits to killing Wade Messer and then claims the heroin. “That’s my heroin! Mine, Dewey Crowe!” Outside, Raylan, Rachel and Tim get it all on tape, courtesy of the helpful wire Boyd is wearing. When Dewey opens the door and steps out, he lands right in the arms of the law.

Raylan hauls in Daryl, too, who immediately lawyers up and threatens a harassment suit if he’s not released. Raylan is furious and takes it out on Boyd by pulling out a file that’s at least three inches thick, “full of the sufferin’ and the dead.” Because Boyd promised to deliver Daryl and Daryl is going to be released, Raylan is going to use that file to put Boyd away for a long time. Boyd is less than thrilled to hear that and, while Rachel and Tim listen, wonders about Raylan’s file – especially the part that talks about how he conspired to kill Nicky Augustine. Rachel and Tim come to Raylan’s defense with the story of the crooked FBI agent. (Although . . . Rachel is Raylan’s new boss, remember? Gotta wonder if that little tidbit will come back to haunt Raylan yet again.) Boyd finally leaves and calls Jimmy as he walks out. Jimmy answers without giving away that he’s being held at gunpoint by Alberto and his men.

Raylan has one more card to play against Daryl and it’s the ugliest one of all. He and ASA Vasquez convince Judge Reardon (the scene-stealer Stephen Root) to try Kendall (who is innocent, remember) as an adult for the attempted murder of Art, a conviction for which would mean 40 years to life instead of three years in juvenile detention. Raylan wants Daryl to come after him and by the look on Daryl’s face, that’s exactly what’s going to happen.

Raylan sitting on a table talking to Ava.
Timothy Olyphant as Raylan Givens. With hat.




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The scene where Raylan attempts to threaten Ava by saying that he’ll have the guards look the other way was brilliantly-acted for me. Raylan obviously had no clue that there is nothing he could do to make things worse for her, and the look on Ava’s face conveyed so much — exhaustion, contempt, sadness, anger, loneliness — it was really poignant.

Also, I guess I’m a romantic but I find it impossible to believe that Boyd has given up on Ava. I think he still plans to save her. I can see why Ava was willing to believe Raylan when he said Boyd didn’t ask for anything for her, but it’s just not consistent with the Boyd Crowder who gave up on persuading the lying guard to come clean because the guard convinced him he was in love with Ava.

Daryl’s just gonna kill Raylan. He doesn’t care about that boy. Or Wendy will kill Daryl. She might’ve been smart enough not to touch that heroin but she’s still stupid enough to trust him after he talked her son into taking a murder rap AND beat her up pretty badly.

And all this makes me wonder what Baptiste’s role would’ve been in all this if Edi Gathegi had stuck around..

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