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New Show Recap: Hannibal, 2×06 and 2×07, “Futamono” and “Yakimono”

My Hannibal recap is back with a supersized, two episode recap! These two episodes were definitely a roller coaster of Holy Shit! moments and emotions, and although I am still mad over what happened in the previous two episodes, the show deserves everyone’s attention for the rest of the season. 

Hannibal seems to be relishing the organ he is playing after taking Dr. Katz’s organs. (OK, a harpsichord isn’t actually an organ, but close enough.) As I have pointed out before, the music in this show really flows well with the action. It is in many ways another character.

Jack comes to visit Will, letting him know that Hannibal was almost murdered by the attendant, aka the copycat. Will tells Jack that the attendant revealed to him that he killed the bailiff. Will tells Jack why the Ripper kills in threes or fours: he eats his victims, so he needs fresh meat so it doesn’t go bad before he can serve it at his dinner parties.

“Who does he have to kill before you open your eyes?”

Cut to Alana’s eyes opening. Eyes are a recurring motif on this show. Hannibal is preparing a heart. Alana and Hannibal discuss what happened to him, and she advises him to not be his own psychiatrist. Hannibal reveals that the piece of music we heard at the beginning is a piece he is writing to get over what happened to him.

“I need to get my appetite back.”

Hannibal goes through his Rolodex of potential victims. Each card represents someone and how they should be prepared. Hannibal has a recipe for everyone, it seems.

A tree with a body with flowers in bloom (they are pretty heavy on the allusion and metaphor here) has been planted in the middle of a parking lot. This most likely is the councilman, whose recipe card was flashed a bit earlier. The FBI team is examining it with their usual candor and gallows humor. The varicose vines joke cracked me up! All the flowers are poisonous and represent different organs.

A group of people are shown looking at an uprooted tree in a parking lot with a dead body interweaved into the tree itself.
The team examines the tree man

Jack and Hannibal talk about how they both don’t trust Will. Hannibal wants to let it all go just as Jack reveals that there’s a new Ripper victim. Hannibal feigns shock that a new victim has been found.

Doing an Aerosmith/Run DMC wall talk, Will and Gideon discuss that Hannibal is probably going to kill Gideon. Hannibal is the devil according to Will. Will foretells that Chilton should be careful, too. Will says what we all think: Hannibal Lecter deserves to die. Gideon wants to know why Hannibal did it.

“Because he wanted to see what would happen.”

Chilton reveals the recording of what Will and Gideon talked about to Jack. Jack is still refusing to believe that Dr. Lecter is the Ripper. Jack thinks Gideon was passed information from Will. Gideon could not have been there according to Jack. Jack needs to understand that Will is delusional, but right. Chilton says that Hannibal fits the profile.

“Cannibalism is an act of dominance.”

Hannibal is again working on his musical masterpiece. Cutting to the science team beginning to cut through all the branches, the politician is revealed to have paved over a forest for a parking lot, literally. Jack even makes reference to “Big Yellow Taxi.” The tree is fitting punishment. They talk about how the water in the lungs can be traced to within a 50-mile radius. Apparently every water sample has different diatoms.

Jack and Alana are on a walk with Will’s dogs. Alana still defends Hannibal to Jack; she just cannot believe that Hannibal is the Ripper.

“Hello, Dr. Lecter.”

Hannibal has come to visit Will. Will is only angry at whomever killed Dr. Katz. They of course dance around the fact that they both know so well. It is a great tête-à-tête.

Hannibal is cooking, and that is a whole lot of hearts. Hannibal is definitely having a nice dinner party. Will’s prediction that every time Hannibal has a dinner party, people die, seems to be true.

Gideon and Chilton have a polite conversation (not really), and Jack apparently wants to see Gideon. Gideon is playing both Chilton and Jack. Gideon defends Hannibal because he knows that one way or another, Hannibal will be the end of him. As Gideon is being led back to his cell, the guards beat him up because he got mouthy. They throw him off the stairs and he is broken.

The dinner party is in full swing. Side note: a roasted pig’s head is shown. It is an actual pig, and not human meat! Jack realizes that the food is probably people. Chilton flat-out says he won’t eat it. “Hannibal the Cannibal” as a nickname is finally tossed out by Dr. Chilton.

Two men stand by each other engaged in conversation
Dr. Chilton and Jack discuss Hannibal

I kind of like Chilton in the same way people like Littlefinger. He knows how to save his own ass. Ooh, Jack tries to pull one over on Hannibal by taking food home with him. Hannibal knows what’s up. Alana is getting all starry-eyed for Hannibal. Alana, stop being so creepy in love with him. I like you as a character and you need to be more than just some piece of meat for Hannibal to use. Jack, of course, takes the food to his science team.

A man stares down another man. The eyes convey the anger and suspect in them.
Jack asks Hannibal if he can take some food home with him.

Alone time for Hannibal and Alana. Uh oh. Alana wants to walk away with Hannibal. Eww squick. Gross. They kiss and then go to bed. I can’t even begin to write any more because that just grosses me out on so many levels.

Hannibal wipes something off a glass. Very sketchy, Dr. Lecter. That should be the name of the show. Of course, Hannibal is fewer words.

Hannibal goes to the hospital to visit Gideon. Jack shows up at the hospital. Gideon is missing. SHOCKER. The guard was tied up with hand-made flies. They even contained human body parts like the ones they found in Will’s house.

Hannibal drugged Alana so she would sleep a lot, creating an alibi. A move that is both smart and fucked up at the same time. Jack shows up to talk to Hannibal. He flat-out accuses him of being the Ripper. Queue Alana Bloom coming out to alibi Hannibal. Jack is shocked to see her there. He has the same look of disgust on his face that I do.

The scene cuts to Hannibal serving Gideon dinner. Hannibal has prepared a giant piece of meat in clay. “Shall I carve?” Oh fuck, it’s Gideon’s leg that’s being served. I have a giant fear of losing limbs and this whole episode gave me the squicks. Watching Gideon eat his own leg almost made me vomit.

Jack and the science team get the food results back from Dr. Lecter’s dinner party. It’s all actual animals. Jack is shocked to find another dead end. The team’s work reveals that the flies are made of Ripper victim parts, including Dr. Katz and James Grey. There is no copycat, just the Ripper. Jack is given the coordinates to where the water most likely came from, because the tree barely exists on the east coast. He drives off. Oh great, a dusty cabin in the woods turns out to be his destination. That never turns out well. Hannibal is finishing his music piece as Jack tears up the cabin. He opens a cistern in the floor to reveal a woman with a missing arm.


Episode seven opens with the FBI examining Miriam Lass. Jack begins to replay her message to himself over and over again. Jack and Miriam begin to talk. Miriam asks to see the Ripper, but Jack informs her they haven’t caught him yet. Jack tries to apologize for what happened to her. She says there is no reason to apologize. Se believes Jack had always continued searching for her. Miriam does not know what the Ripper looks like but would recognize his voice.

“All I could see was light.”

Hannibal and Alana talk in an interview room. Hannibal is informed that the Ripper left a victim that they found alive. Hannibal figures out they need him to talk and not be seen by Miriam because the witness can only ID the voice. Miriam quickly says it’s not him. Hannibal seems to be very good at escaping.

Dr. Chilton informs Will he is being released. Will has been cleared because of all the new Ripper evidence. Dr. Chilton is scared of what Hannibal is. He does not want to end up on Hannibal’s menu. To be fair, Frederick, I wouldn’t want to end up on Hannibal’s menu, either.

Will tells Chilton he needs to confess to his unorthodox practices and his friendship with Hannibal to Jack. Chilton wants to know why Will has been spared. Hannibal wants to be his friend. Seriously, that is the same motif throughout both seasons. Will’s friendship with Hannibal seems to be both men’s driving force. Even when it forces them both into each other as enemies.

Jack comes to pick up Will, and Will makes Jack eat some crow about his own innocence.

Two men are in a big open room that is filled with small cages
Will and Jack discuss Will’s release

Jack says Miriam did not ID Hannibal as the Ripper. Jack doesn’t believe that her ID is correct. Will and Jack go to the creepy cabin together, and Will is led into Hannibal’s work room.

Two men in coats examine a dark room in a cabin.
Jack shows Will the dusty murder cabin

Will goes into his fugue state. He realizes that Miriam was always supposed to be found — this is all theater. Hannibal wants Jack to catch someone, just not Hannibal.

Will comes home! This is the closest to happy he will ever get. Will’s happiness quickly fades as Alana welcomes him home, defending Hannibal. Alana should know better, but she is caught up in the Hannibal mystique like Will was in the first season and he  is not having any of that. I believe this wedge between them will come back to bite them both in the ass.

Dr. Chilton takes Will’s advice, it seems, to confess. Dr. Chilton offers to help Jack on the Ripper case.

“I have an agenda, living.”

Everyone who believed Will about Hannibal is dead. Chilton wants to try to dig memories out of Miriam. Chilton believes that he can use the same light techniques he used on Will to recover Miriam’s lost memories. This will not end well.

Will and Miriam meet for the first time. Miriam repeatedly calls Jack “The guru,” which I found kind of funny. I wonder if it’s something Hannibal made her think about Jack or if she just worships Jack that much. Will explains the light therapy that was used on him and most likely on her to Miriam. It induces seizures and blackouts, and leaves the mind open to suggestion.

“Neither of us are really free.”

Will breaks into Hannibal’s house to confront him. Will has a gun to kill Hannibal. Will asks Hannibal if he wants him to finish what started the last time they were at Hannibal’s house. “If I am the Ripper and you kill me, who will answer your questions?” Will puts the gun close to Hannibal’s head and Hannibal actually looks a bit vulnerable.

A man holds a gun on another man.
Will pulls his gun on Hannibal, threatening to shoot him.

Jack brings Miriam to Hannibal’s office. Good idea, Jack. Let’s put her in the same room as a torturous maniac! Jack plays the message Miriam sent him right after she was taken. Hannibal, with Jack in the room, does the light therapy on Miriam to help her remember. She begins to speak the same lines that the voice mail contained. It gave me the chills, it was just creepy all around.

The science team, Jack, and Alana are discussing some of the new findings. The evidence is now pointing to Dr. Chilton. It is a good ruse on Hannibal’s end, of course, to implicate himself. Will always said the evidence would point away from the actual Ripper, so him implicating himself is the opposite of that.

Dr. Chilton begins to hear a heart monitor at his house starting to beep really loudly. He finds the room and opens it to find what’s left of Abel Gideon’s cannibalized body. He runs back up his stairs, trips, and finds Hannibal. Hannibal is in his murder suit, so you know bad shit is about to go down. The doorbell rings and it’s the FBI. Hannibal has got everything set in motion again. Hannibal knocks out Chilton.

Chilton wakes to find himself covered in blood with a knife and a gun by his side. He walks through his house to find blood splattered everywhere. He walks into his kitchen and finds one FBI agent disemboweled and one stabbed with pretty much every sharp object in the house.

Dr. Chilton drives to Will’s house, still covered in blood. He wants to use Will’s shower. My question is: how does he know where Will lives? He never was invited to Will’s house before that I can think of. Did he just Google it or something?

Jack and the science team find Chilton’s house. The second body that was set up in Chilton’s house was made to imitate the Wound Man. The illustration of the Wound Man was the last thing Miriam Lass saw before being taken. The ruse of making it look like Chilton is working.

Will and Chilton discuss the game Hannibal is playing. Chilton realizes that Will called Jack to come meet them. Jack goes inside to find that Chilton has bolted. For someone who has been disemboweled, Chilton can run when needed, apparently. He sprints through the cold winter forest finally crossing a stream, all wet, while Jack fires some warning shots at him.

The science team examines Chilton as they strip him down. Dr. Chilton is being subjected to being treated like an animal, just like how he treated his patients. Alana then meets Chilton in the interview room. Alana defends the fuck out of Hannibal. She truly believes that Hannibal is not guilty. Chilton warns her that she won’t see it until it’s too late. Miriam is revealed to be watching. She begins to see Dr. Chilton in her flashbacks. Hannibal did a good job of fucking her up. Miriam begins to cry into Jack and then grabs his gun and shoots Chilton through the head. And that wasn’t even the last scene!

“Hello, Will.”

Will is shocked that Hannibal has kept his standing appointment open. Will wants to deal with his feelings about Hannibal directly, so he wants to resume his therapy. This is going to end badly on someone’s end.

I am so in love with this show, but it is giving me heart palpitations. I cannot wait to see where the rest of the season leads us. We have six episodes left. I doubt the fight between Hannibal and Jack will be shown before at least episode eleven.

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