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New Show Recap: “I’m Still Here” Parenthood 5×21

This week, with only one more episode to go for this fifth season of Parenthood, the script is a bit less Julia-centric. We get to see the charter school move forward, Amber and Drew get pulled back into past loves, and Sarah considers her relationship with Hank. Crosby gets his crew back home, with more than a little help from Joel.

We find Hank continuing to be extremely understanding and helpful to Max, and in the midst of a meltdown, Amber notices that he’s able to help Max see a solution to his problem. Hank and Sarah continue to see where things might lead, and as Adam tells Sarah, she could, and has, done worse.

Crosby is still living the Mold Diaries, and finally asks Joel over to assess his situation. Joel tells him that the contractor is taking him for a ride, and that it’s a job that could be easily done by one man in a day. With a lot of hinting and a push from Pete (who maybe correctly assumes that Joel isn’t actually going anywhere), Joel shows up with his tool belt and gets to work. When they are finished, they man talk and we see that the Bravermans miss Joel, and dare I say, Joel misses the Bravermans. He then knocks on Julia’s door, and she can’t hide her surprise that he’s there. He makes small talk for several minutes after he learns the dishwasher has been fixed. Maybe this will be the swift kick in the ass he needs.

Julia is still reeling from her fling with the enchanting Mr. Knight. (Why are teachers on this show so sexy? They do not grow such teachers where I come from.) She tells Sarah about their one night of ecstasy, and Sarah tells her that it’s ok and it can just stay between them. Julia talks to Mr. Knight about it as well, and they agree not to tell Adam and Kristina, and they agree it was a one night deal. It’s interesting to note that since Joel told Julia it’s time to move on that she has, in fact, moved on, while Joel is now knocking on her door.

Julia is also playing a key role in securing a property for the charter school. She looks at a property with Adam, Kristina, and Evan, and thinks it has potential. Kristina then goes to push her former mayoral opponent, Bob Little, into leasing the space to her. Along with finding the building, Kristina is also dealing her friend Gwen’s decline and eventual death from cancer. As she reconciles why Gwen had to die and while she is still on this earth, Adam lends his shoulder to cry on. When she’s ready, Kristina opens a box from Gwen and finds a large donation for the school. It looks like the school will now have a building and a name.

Drew season 5 Parenthood Drew and Natalie are still in each other’s business, until finally they decide to be boyfriend and girlfriend. I’m not sure this is the right girl for Drew, but hey, if he’s not living with his sister and actually going to class, that’s a start.

Amber gets a call she never expected — Ryan’s been hurt. Because she gets the call at the studio, Hank drops everything to drive her. Sarah catches up with them at the hospital, and she’s clearly glad that Hank was able to be there for Amber. Amber and Sarah eventually get to see Ryan, who has clearly been badly injured.

There’s going to be a lot to wrap up in the season finale.


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