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New Show Recap: Parenthood, 5.20, “Cold Feet”

This week Drew gets his head back in the college game, Hank gets more insight from Dr. Pelikan, Julia gets her groove back, and Zeek finds the stage for Camille’s act three.

Sarah and Family

Drew’s been holed up at Amber’s loft for weeks, unbeknownst to Sarah. When she finds him there, she hauls him back to school and tells him to figure it out. Drew and Berto do work out their differences over beer (because college) and with any luck, Drew’s head will be back in the college game. Sarah and Hank continue to talk, and after another session with Dr. Pelikan, Hank attempts to apologize for moving to Minnesota. He still doesn’t quite “get” how to apologize or accept blame, but he’s learning.

Crosby and Ashes of Rome

4D Band from Parenthood Season 5

Crosby and family are eager to move back into their home after being exiled by a mold problem. Upon returning, they find out that it’s going to cost another $12,000 to fix. Crosby is beside himself, and suddenly ready to really push the Luncheonette’s release of the Ashes of Rome album. When the prospect of touring with the boy band 4D (ha!) arises, of course lead singer Oliver isn’t interested. Crosby, motivated by the fact that he needs the money, pushes the issue until Oliver says yes. Thankfully, the boys of 4D are complementary to Ashes of Rome, but I’m looking forward to some funny scenes with both bands on the road.

Camille and Zeek

As they continue to orchestrate their move, Camille gets hung up on packing treasured family artifacts. Zeek is surprisingly ok (this episode anyway), and helps by finding a townhouse of their dreams. He walks Camille through, showing her the light in what could be her studio, and an idyllic backyard. Maybe they will make this move all right after all.

Kristina and Adam

As Kristina and Adam move forward on their plan for a charter school, they enlist Julia’s help. When Julia asks Kristina if she could imagine being with anyone besides Adam, Kristina cautions her to not do things that can’t be undone. Mostly, Kristina and Adam watch Julia in awe as she takes control of filing the charter (and succeeds).


Julia Parenthood season 5

There is no pining over Joel this episode. Instead, she takes his speech about how he doesn’t think they’re getting back together to mean, “It’s time to start dating and maybe even have sex with someone else.” She also becomes focused on preparing the paperwork for the Braverman’s charter school. Ed helps Julia with some of the paperwork and invites her to dinner. Halfway through, Julia runs out, scared that she’s not ready for this. It’s clear Julia’s in her element when she’s presenting her case, and it’s clear the enchanting Mr. Knight is enchanted. Which makes me wonder about Joel — was he no longer enchanted when Julia was no longer doing her thing? Is that part of their current issue? After having their charter approved, Kristina, Adam, Mr. Knight, and Julia all head to the Ashes of Rome release party at the Luncheonette. Mr. Knight is clearly hot for Julia, and they end up going home together.

Of course, the preview for next week features Joel knocking on Julia’s front door ready to come home. Oh Julia.

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