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Despite harshly punishing the rapists in high profile cases, Indian politicians still have awful opinions when it comes to rape (trigger warning on the article.)

There is still record turnout for the third phase of Indian elections, though two soldiers were killed by Maoist rebels before polls opened in the east.

Narendra Modi has declared he is married for the first time ever.


There is a high probability of a run-off in the Afghan elections.

A growing number of children are dying from US explosives left behind as NATO troops leave the country.


Australia’s prime minister is very confident that the series of signals picked up by search vessels are from the black boxes of flight MH370.


The US and Filipino governments have reached an agreement to allow US forces to share local bases for maritime and humanitarian operations. This allows the Philippines some protection from China’s increased naval aggression, though US troops stationed in other countries in Asia have been a source of contention in places like South Korea and Taiwan.


The country just completed its first census in 30 years.


A nine-month-old baby charged with attempted murder, along with his father and grandfather, is out on bail. They were arrested for throwing stones at police and gas company workers trying to collect overdue bills. This case is ridiculous and should be shown as such; however, I side-eye the publications that insinuate our legal system is perfect compared to Pakistan’s when we allow grown men to shoot unarmed teenagers and get away with it.


The opposition party appears to be ahead in parliamentary election polls.

North Korea

Lastly, in election news that surprises no one in the fact that it wasn’t really an election at all, North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un was re-elected as head of the country’s top governing agency. Yay.

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