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News in Europe: At Least You Didn’t Marry a Bunny, Nigel

Citizens, I missed you! Sara did a great job while I was busy having fun — but at least I was having good, clean European fun. Germany was sunny, and the news was… boring. Not much happening over there, so let’s look east, which is where the real news is.

There is no peace to be had in Ukraine. Now pro-Russian protesters are busy destabilising the east of the country; the regional administration building in Donetsk has been seized, and journalists have been kidnapped. Russia and the west are blaming each other. I don’t think anybody can see this getting sorted anytime soon. It’s like watching a repeat of the run-up to every war ever, only nobody has read any history books.

France and Germany are being urged to work together more closely in order to stabilise the EU. Of the two major players, only Germany seem to have enough drive to spend time, money and patience on the EU at the moment. In France, a lot of other stuff is happening: The government has unveiled plans to stop its own citizens from becoming jihadists. And the Front National feels unfairly treated by Ukip. Take that fight outside, guys. Preferably the outside of a research station in Antarctica.

Yes, Ukip. This week, they unveiled their poster campaign ahead of the European Parliamentary Elections, and it’s scary. Good thing there’s comedy to be found in everything Ukip does — it turns out Nigel Farage’s wife is German and works for him. Excuse me while I do a little hysterical dance.

The wave of Polish immigration to the UK is over, says the Polish ambassador. But it’s not as easy as that, as these two articles show. Interesting stuff.

In Finland, eight people have died in a plane crash.

Spain has its very own Robin Hood!

In Italy, Venetians are fighting for a historical island that is to be leased to help solve the country’s debt problems.

Berlin has its first burial ground for lesbians.

French women for the win! It looks like French culture is on the verge of being dominated by women.

And, lastly, a story about a bunny in underwear, and what it may mean for impressionable Swiss people. Beware!

See you next week.

4 replies on “News in Europe: At Least You Didn’t Marry a Bunny, Nigel”

Nigel Farage has a German wife? Is there something you’re trying to tell us, Karo? Ah, Ukip, can always count on them for entertainment. The strange thing is, despite all the scandal around the party, I’m actually wondering if they might do quite well in the elections.

Oh, I’m terrified! Even most Guardian commenters these days sound like they’ll vote Ukip. I have never cried over politics, but I’m dreading the results on May 22. :(

And the wife… Dear god. I can only hope she’ll get interviewed and says something like “Yes, I love him, but he’s not getting MY vote”. Can you imagine?

I’m ashamed to admit that I don’t even know who the candidates *are* for the elections. We’ve got our polling cards through and I must take some time to see who’s up for the seats.

The things his wife could say … oh, it could be wonderful!

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