Surprise Canine Reactions

Sometimes, dogs are just weird. You get all geared up to do something you know they’ll love, and they’re completely freaked out. As much as they love novelty, they also have strong ideas about what’s acceptable, and sometimes it makes sense only to them.

I’ll start: my dogs LOVE water. They’ve never gone a whole week without swimming somewhere, and they usually swim almost every day. Most of the places they swim are not places I’d consider swimming. There is plant life and mud and icky things, and I prefer my swimming water with less living in it. Right now, my in-laws are selling sand out of a field and eventually there will be a 60 acre lake that will be clean and pleasant to swim in, and we’re all very excited about it. More, I just knew the dogs would be delighted to swim with us! How could they not be? They love water, and they love playing with us.¬†Welp, my husband jumped into the proto-pond (read: mud hole, notice that I’m high and dry with the camera) this weekend and the result was not what we expected. They ran from him. It seems that people in water are inherently suspicious and no amount of treats or enticement will get them to go into the water with someone.

A man floats in a small pond alone.
He hopped in and all the dogs immediately vacated the swimming hole.
3 dogs look down a steep grade.
They all 3 ran up the embankment to watch from safety.
A dog sniffs a man in a pond
This was as close as things came to a group swim. People immersed in liquid are super suspicious.
A man wades to his knees with 3 dogs.
Later, he waded out with them and I guess that’s okay.

What surprising reactions have your dogs had? Share with us!

By Laura-C

Hopes to someday train her dogs not to be douchebags.

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My super-prissy girl dog who hates getting wet or dirty or really anything that you would identify as dog-like, recently got so excited to chase a groundhog in the field opposite a ditch that she jumped in, swam across, and proceeded to chase the holy hell out of those groundhogs.

Mom’s loves showers. You can say the word “shower” and he trots happily off to the standing shower in their bathroom and waits to be washed and blow dried. A bath though? Get out of the way, because that is 115 pounds of dog that will run you over in an escape attempt.

What is WRONG with animals?

Our dog Ginger was terrified of the storm drain at the end of our street. She would drag us to the other side of the street or lock up entirely rather than walk by it. She had me wondering if maybe there was a Pennywise the Clown thing going on. Beep! Beep!

Lol. Mine puts her feet into water and jumps back out and looks at me like, “Why would you do that to MEEEEE?”
She hates doors, probably because what’s on the other side is always a surprise. If the first time she encounters something/someone is on the other side of a door which she has just gone through, she will hate it for life. Sees it for the first time anywhere else? Could not care less.

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