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This Open Thread Is Here For Bianca Del Rio

Kittens, let’s be real, reaaaal honest. It’s all about Bianca.

From the tippy tops of her poignant eyelashes, to the bottom of her sweet, hot bombs of truth, I am a believer in the power of Del Rio. Lets face it, those eyes ain’t gonna roll themselves.







Judging you.


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Hello Open Thread, long time no see. Ack. I’m feeling stressed, which frankly is nothing new – not only does stress keep a toothbrush here but it has certainly got its own drawer too. Little Juniper and I have a play date tomorrow with friends coming here and I didn’t realise how much I needed to do in the kitchen until I was getting ready for bed. So I’ve done a bit and forced myself to come up to bed and aaargh I’m left telling myself I can get everything else done in the morning. And breathe!

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