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This Weekend Open Thread is Here for ‘Fattitude’

Trolls made me donate more money.

I don’t donate to Kickstarter campaigns very often — mostly because I’m usually too broke — but when I heard that there were people working on a documentary called Fattitude, I thought I might throw them a few dollars.

Then today, I logged on to Tumblr and saw that some troll was collecting personal information about donors to harass them. Suddenly, the amount I had planned to give doubled, and, yes, I blocked the bastard on Twitter before I did anything.

Seriously, though, it looks great — they appear to have talked to many of the premiere people involved in fat acceptance and Health at Every Size, so I have a lot of faith that it will be a better portrayal of the movement(s) than other coverage.

Check out the trailer:

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There’s a special place in hell for the people recording stock footage for obesity epidemics. I KNOW they aren’t getting permission from their subjects to use their images and shame them for not being thin. Assuming their weight is a result of poor impulse control.

I’m moving this weekend, so. Yeah.

Short version: My soon-to-be-former leasing company is a bunch of fuckers and a friend has an extra room (and rent will help keep his bills more manageable).

Long version: Not only did the fuckers ignore the comments V and I made last year, when Horrible (now former) Roommate was being completely horrible, and told her we wanted to figure out how to get her mean, short-tempered self ass out WITHOUT either V or I present (or telling either of us it was coming, leading to the shitstorm that happened), they also, after weeks of “sure, we’ll work with you”, proceeded on an eviction. I don’t have the “pay by X date or GTFO” notice yet. I want to be gone before that happens.

And the friend in question owns the house, veggie-gardens, has a cat (who will undoubtedly “help” me read and knit and do other things) and is a friendly person. And when we sit down tomorrow to figure out the numbers, we’ll schedule rent payments according to when I get paid (so it’s easier to actually, you know, make said payments).

And that’s another 10 part of a 20/10. Back later.

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