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Three of the shows I’m watching were at their last episode: Tokyo Raven, Samurai Flamenco and Hamatora, and all three had satisfactory endings. Buddy Complex and Nobunagun have one more episode to go, and Nobunaga The Fool is continuing in the spring season.

Tokyo Raven, ep 24

The End.

Jeez, Yakou’s followers were something. Well, are. Reiji actually decided not to bother with them, and Hishamaru destroys his protective spell in one hit. She can probably kick his ass any time of the week. If you are wonder who Hishamaru is, that is Kon with all her seals unsealed. Seems like Yakou’s memories were sealed by her.

Harutora now has his two old followers with him and he got to revive Natsume. Sort of. Ootomo got a new familiar too: Douman.

This was the last episode. There is a lack of source material (it’s based on a light novel) to make a season 2, so I’m not expecting one any time soon, which is sort of sad, because this show was starting to get really good.

Samurai Flamenco, ep 22

Poor Goto, the episode started with a flashback to kid-Goto after his girlfriend disappeared and he started to message himself. He was so sad and lonely. He was also a total freak and still is.

Man, Kono is better than the cop. Hajii’s parents are not dead; they are very much alive and they faked his death. Idiot parents. And Hajii is really crazy, he wants to be remembered as the kid that Goto killed. The reason: Samurai Flamenco has yet to fall into the dark hero trope. Man, I love this show, it is self-aware.

A still image from "Samurai Flamenco ep 22"
This is somewhat funny

Mary ended up the one who punched Hajii in the face. Hazama totally screwed his plan, but it was creepy. Oh man, it was creepy. The episode is titled “Samurai Flamenco Naked” for a good reason.

Buddy Complex, ep 12

Elvira is not happy, because the guy performed a coupling. They totally outdid her expectations and Dio’s waves are changing even more. Poor guy. He also knows that Aoba is from the past. The rest of the crew didn’t really believe it. Unfortunately, Dio seeing Aoba’s past means he is now a Hina groupie.

Bizon, I hope you die. Wait, I know you die, you did…in the first episode. Well, well, well. I expect this really, but Hina has super rating for coupling. While Bizon is a total failure. I also hope Hahn dies. Brainwashing someone like that.

Margaret is now Alfred’s lapdog. The Alliance is attacking a secret Zoglia base in Alaska and the Varja happens to be there…along with the coupling research. They have an Extra Large Cannon.

Everything is now set up to have the temporal drift of the first episode. Woohoo!

Nobunaga The Fool, ep 11

Yeah, Jeanne isn’t as useless as before, though she sort of did a blunder this episode, but it wasn’t exactly her fault.

Caesar is crazy and he doesn’t like killing women, so he spared Jeanne. He totally knows who she is too now, because of Magellan. He even knows she hears the voice of Heaven. He just wonders what she heard. He also comes to the conclusion that Da Vinci planned the whole thing because he brought her there.

I’m starting to think that Da Vinci is a bad guy, well sort of. He’s just interested in the dragons fighting.

Hamatora, ep 12

The End and it’s a WTH!

Moral is really, really crazy. He injected himself with the forbidden minimum (teleportation on a 10-meter radius, well, it’s more of an “exist everywhere on a 10-meter radius” power). Still Nice kicked his ass and then Art showed up and finished him. Then Art did something that made me go WTH!

The ending was a cliffhanger too, with a to be continued (yeah!). But still, Art why!!!!

Nobunagun, ep 12

Poor Sio, rape by tentacles is never fun. But she still had a brilliant plan to escape them. Looks like the battleship incubated something to take Nobunagun down though. Creepy. Instant evolution. It even had a Munreo Effect (I had to Google it) weapon.

So the b-team is having fun, the guys fighting the diggers made a ball out of dirt to fight everyone in it. Weird strategy. Hunter is so out of his element, but Geronimo went battle crazy. What the hell is Ghost Protocol anyway? I think I’m going to call it beast mode. Anyway, despite that, Godoo is getting its ass kicked everywhere. Hunter is really much better at dissecting animals.

A still image from "Nobunagun ep 12"
Jack the angel

The episode also has a weird normal people interlude, which was strange and a bit out-of-place. The best part of this episode was Jack though…Jack who has two E-Gene forms and premonitions from the Reaper. He also has an “angel” from Florence Nightingale. It’s awesome. Next week is the last episode.

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