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Buddy Complex and Nobunagun are over. I’m sort of sad because I really liked them. That being said, I’m not sure Nobunagun could have kept it up with more than 13 episodes. Nobunaga the Fool had a breather episode and will continue on. The spring season is starting next week as well; unfortunately, not many shows look interesting, but I did pick a few to try.

Buddy Complex ep 13

Who makes a weapon that costs one year’s worth of mining to shot? Zoglia, that’s who. That’s not exactly how you make a profit, but I don’t think they care.

So the alliance is getting crushed by the bad guys. Bizon and Hina couple and go on a rampage. The coupling is forced. Hina, despite being a zombie, doesn’t want to do it. Bizon is rather crazy already, so he really wants to do it. Of course, Aoba and Dio show up with Bradyon Next and Luxon Next. I almost face-palmed because those are just ridiculous names for upgrades.

It’s great that we see how the temporal anomaly was created. The Gorgon shot right on Hina and Aoba who coupled (and sparkles happened). This created the temporal anomaly. We also learn that Hina was the one trapped in the loop. It’s like Groundhog Day too, because we see it as it was in the first episode. And then we see it with Aoba saving Hina and stopping her from going to the past, destroying Bizon’s mecha in the process.

Next, Next
Next, Next

This resulted in: Bizon being thrown farther into the past and creating Zoglia for the sole purpose of killing Aoba.

Although this was the last episode, there was a “to be continued.”

Nobunaga The Fool ep 12

I always knew that tea has the power to resolve everything. Sort of. Jeanne is still troubled by the last episode’s fiasco, and well, the idea was to stop the destruction Oda more than anything. It seems like Caesar wants to destroy Alexander and not Arthur himself. That is interesting. He is also totally into Ichi.

Exposition: So King Arthur is the (a?) Savior-King and he wants to use the power of the Regalia wielders to manifest the Holy Grail. How many different legends just got merged together here? Anyway, Jeanne totally believes that Nobu is the Savior-King. This means there are two of them, or that something is wrong somewhere.

The episode ends with Ichi accepting Caesar’s marriage proposal, which causes Mitsu to make that face.

NRT: Netorare, Mitsu just got his not-girlfriend stolen from him
NRT: Netorare, Mitsu just got his not-girlfriend stolen from him

Nobunagun ep 13

The end.

I like how the show ended. First, we got a bit of background about how Adam has two e-genes. He actually doesn’t. In the show universe, Jack the Ripper is Florence Nightingale. She hears voices that tell her to save the world, a world that has a few poor girls infected with bacteriological weapons. So she kills them and destroys the infection. The only people who know about this are Sio and the Dogoo alien.

Then everyone finishes their jobs, which means lots of explosions and dead aliens. The show ends with a wrap up plus some socializing. I did not expect them to make SioxAdam official though, but they did.


A few of the spring offerings look interesting, so next week I will have new shows to keep company with Nobunaga the Fool.

Knight of Sidonia: A “real” space-based show with mechas and monsters. It’s based on a manga, and the preview looks awesome.

Black Bullet: A light novel adaptation. I’m not too sure what this is about, but I expect it will involve super powers, secret organizations, and monsters.

Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei : This is about ninjas and magic in a school setting, from what I understand. Another light novel adaptation; apparently, the book is really good and focuses on a sister and brother.

Captain Earth: Another mecha show from the people who did Eureka Seven and Star Drivers. Could be good or bad. It’s apparently a bit crazy.

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