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Like usual, the second episode usually resolves the first episode, which means more exposition and fighting than anything else. Although this time there was quite a bit of fighting in each of my shows. Also, Nobunaga the Fool has a new opening sequence, but I preferred the old one.

Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei  ep 2

Ha! It looks like Tatsuya has made a friend already. And Erika is quite sharp for being the “tomboy,” but she’s not so much about secret skills that civilians are not supposed to know.

Oh my god. Tatsuya literally said, “If she wasn’t my sister, I would totally want her as my lover,” but it was a joke. Everyone’s reactions were priceless, though. So the two siblings were selected to be in the student council. Miyuki is secretary and Tatsuya is part  of the Disciplinary Committee. I’m really liking Mari Watannabe, the Disciplinary Committee leader.

So how can Tatsuya be bad at practical spells, especially if he took less than a second to defeat the Vice President?

Captain Earth ep 2

This show has so many assholes in it that you are forced to root for Daichi and his friends.

We also have something called Macbeth’s Revolution, which is some sort of evil plan from the CEO of Globe (who is supposed to be the good guy here) to save his chosen humanity. The guy has an AI that makes a forecast called Puck. He is creepy.

I can’t believe that Daichi woke up Hana by promising to show her his boomerang. If he didn’t actually own one, that would have been a really dirty promise.

In this episode, we also learn that Daichi’s father is the one who named the mecha Earth Engine. Interesting.

Nobunaga The Fool ep 14

Charlemagne and Hannibal are the Cerberus knights? They are also lovers. I guess Cesare Borgia is the third head because he was also in the ship that brought them to the Star of the East. But it didn’t fly down.

Kenshi's Visra
Kenshi’s Visra

They didn’t last long. Kenshi is just that overpowered and totally awesome: “Your sullied blade will not arm me!” It was sort of ridiculous.

Jeanne was captured and both Charlemagne and Hannibal are dead.

Black Bullet ep 2

The masked dude isn’t nice at all. He also has his own initiator, his daughter, who seems to have a dreadful temper. He’s from a anti-gaestra military unit, at least according to what he says. I don’t trust him, so I guess I do not believe what he said. He is crazy, too.

Satomi has problems with how the Cursed Children are seen by the population. He caught two cops trying to kill one little girl, and she barely survived. Someone also put in a rumor that Enju was among the Cursed Children at school and they ran away.

The most interesting topic is who Satomi’s adoptive father is. I suspect there is a lot of plot there

Knight of Sidonia ep 2

This episode added more characters. How am I supposed to remember everyone?

The trainees escaped the Gauna, helped by Sidonia throwing a big stone column at it with a mass driver. Nagate sort of got popular in a bad way at school: people call him the jinx because a trainee died. But he also is popular in a good way, so some people are really getting interested in him.

Gauna turning into Eiko
Gauna turning into Eiko

We got a bit of exposition too. One hundred years ago, humans used genetics to do photosynthesis and only ate one meal per week. I’m not sure how that works exactly because photosynthesis require nutrients. It’s not a power source, it’s a conversion mechanic.

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