Weekly Anime Review

All the shows were mostly action this week with little plot or exposition. At least we got to see awesome animation in Mahouka and Knight of Sidonia.

Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei  ep  3

Tatsuya’s super speed is apparently 100% natural. It’s ninjutsu. He also uses a customized CAD with pretty advanced programming. That is why he is so overpowered. He also has a mental self-healing spell that auto-starts itself. Crazy. It looks like brain wins over brawn in magical duels.

We got more of Tatsuya’s ridiculous ability for the rest of the episode and not much else. This is if you’re not including the, “You’re just a weed,” superiority complex and some Erika. I like Erika.

Captain Earth ep 3

I really like the Albion because it’s a friendly Kill T-Gang. It also means that Hana and Teppei are aliens. It belongs to Teppei or is Teppei’s real body — I’m not sure I understand that one.

Albion's sword of rainbow-light
Albion’s sword of rainbow-light

We also get to meet Akira, the commander’s daughter. She is also the spaceship governor’s daughter. Don’t forget that she’s also a hacker has a weird personality. She was the flight coordinator in the first episode. I sort of like her, even though she’s a bit over the top.

The stuff with the Globe company is getting weirder with each episode. I can’t tell who is working for whom or what their plan might be. We have the faction in Japan with the kids. Salty Dogs that belong to security and the Ark Faction. There is also a really weird Midsummer Night’s Dream thing going in this show: Puck, Machine Goodfellow, Albion, etc.

Nobunaga The Fool ep 15

Cesare is such a liar. He claims that he rushed to the help of the others in the last episode. He killed Hannibal himself.  He also straps Jeanne in a dungeon in order to to torture her. Not my cup of tea. Machiavelli is not better, due to the fact that she is machiavellian.

Did Arthur choose all the people who are a bit unstable?

I didn’t really understood the rest of the episode. Nobu saves Jeanne. Jeanne saves her village and ascends, but then everyone dies because something weird happens.

Black Bullet ep 3

We get more “Cursed Children are Humans” stuff this week. Rentarou and Enju make up and go on a mission to take down the Gastrea from episode one. Then the masked man shows up and “kills” Rentarou.

I say “kills” because his heart does not stop beating, and he gets back up and is almost 100% healed in less than two days. The guy is not normal. Seems like his sensei-doctor did something to him 10 years ago. I wonder what.

After that, they are sent to try to stop the madman from creating a stage five Gastrea that could destroy Tokyo.

Rentarou on Enju's shoulders
It’s usually the other way around guys!

Knight of Sidonia ep 3

So many death flags at the start of this episode, but it didn’t disappoint.

We see some more rivalry build-up, women’s jealousy at work, a big monster, and we get to see the sea. Well, we see the Sidonia water reservoir with fishes in it that is reserved to full-fledged pilots only. When it is first mentioned, I though we were going to have a beach episode. Luckily for me, it was actually a submarine exploration episode.

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