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What I Watched Last Night: Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley premiered Sunday night on HBO after that other show, with the dragons, boobs, and murder plots. 

Created by Mike Judge, who loves a working class hero, Silicon Valley is the story of a lot of bros. Bros with beards, bros who code, bros who get picked on, bros with billions, and bros with dreams. There’s also a woman, whose purpose was to convince the lead bro he was special so he’d take her boss’s deal. Bros can dream in Silicon Valley, and bro dreams can come true.

Bro-heavy or no, it’s a funny show. Lots of the jokes hit, especially in the first twenty minutes. It’s not especially groundbreaking, but the humor is sharp, as I’d expect from Judge. I suppose I should also expect a mostly male cast from him, but I can still wish he might actually write more than one multi-dimensional woman into one of his stories at a time.

Is it worth the trouble? Possibly. If you’ve got an interest in the whole SV spectacle, there’s a lot to like. If you’re bored with shows about groups of dudes, you won’t be missing out on anything groundbreaking if you skip it.

Selena’s Ruling: So far, having seen only the pilot, I’m not convinced it’s cut out to be a Sunday night prestige drama. I’m going to give it a few weeks and see how it pans out.


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