5 Signs You’re Ready for the Last Day of School

The school year is winding down for students across the country. Preschoolers are graduating, high school students are going to prom, and college students are ready to find jobs.

As ready as they are to find the next best thing, let me tell you that their parents are ready to move on, too. Although talking heads may cite the benefits of a longer school year, I’m fairly certain that 180 days worth of a particular routine is a person’s limit. It doesn’t even matter if you won’t be home with your kids during the summer months, it’s just that changes in a routine seem to be critical.

Here are five signs you’re finished with whatever school year you’re in:

  1. Being tardy is no longer a big deal. You’ll get there when you get there.
  2. You whip out a calculator and let your third grader use it for her homework. Because, seriously. Enough with the homework.
  3. You throw the “buy lunch once a week’’ rule out the window, because gah. The lunchboxes. You just can’t.
  4. The daily practices that you did so faithfully in October have all eroded away into nothing. You can’t even find the flash cards you’re supposed to be quizzing your kid on.
  5. You take a vacation day for field day/last day of school/other special last-week-of-school activities. After all, you’ll never have to supervise your child doing the fourth grade science project/second grade book character/eighth grade demonstration speech again. You’ve EARNED this celebration.

Here in central Indiana, we’re counting down to May 30. How many more days of school are on your calendar?


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