Cocktail of the Day: Caipirinha

Caipirinha, according to Wikipedia, is the national cocktail of Brazil. Me, I just call it yummy. Grab yourself a designated driver and read on.

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Some of the friendships I treasure the most have started online, including with Cynthia, who introduced me to this drink. We met through the world of fanfiction (mine) and after she was kind enough to say some really nice things about my work, we started talking on Twitter, which led to Facebook, which led to an invitation to come to Nashville when work brought her all the way from Brazil to the US. Although I managed to fuck up my foot two days before she arrived, we still managed to bar hop a bit down Broadway, karaoke at the local VFW, and pay our respects to the legendary Bell Witch of Adams, Tennessee.

Best of all, Cynthia showed up with booze! She brought a bottle of cachaça with her and treated me one night to a caipirinha (which I still can’t pronounce correctly). I liked it so much, I’ve not run out of cachaça since!

The ingredients are simple: cachaça, lime (one whole lime per drink), sugar, and ice.

A photo of the ingredients for caipirinha
The cute tropical pestle was another gift from Cynthia.

Wash the lime, then roll it beneath your palm for a few minutes until it’s nice and squishy and juicy. Slice the lime into 6 or 8 pieces and place in the bottom of a small glass. Add sugar to taste. Personally, I like the tartness of the lime so I only use a tablespoon, but if you want to cut the sour, you might use more.

lime and sugar in a glass
Sugar and lime, ready to go!

Using a pestle, crush the lime and sugar together until you have a lot of juice. This might take a few minutes because the more you crush, the better the lime and sugar mix and the more juice you will have.

Lime juice in a glass
Look at all that yummy lime juice!

Add a few pieces of ice and fill with cachaça. Again, the measurement is sort of eyeballish, about two shot glasses full, more or less. Stir and drink.

A prepared caipirinha

And don’t forget the designated driver.

Me and Cynthia, hamming it up in Nashville.
Nothing says Nashville like a pink cowboy hat.


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