Dispatches from Ladyblogland

Dispatches from Ladyblogland

This week, I attended an academic conference in which someone addressed the topic of mass incarceration of black women, a topic that ladyblogland has talked about for years. It makes you think: there’s a lot of good work being done here in ladyblogland. With that in mind, let’s see what the bloggers talked about this week.

Clutch‘s Britni Danielle wonders why there hasn’t been collective outrage on behalf of black women.

Despite the numbers of Black women who are expected to crew up and march and boycott and protest for murdered or disrespected Black men, Black women’s lives aren’t often given the same concern.

An ontology of crunk. Crunk Feminist Collective:

CRUNK Feminism puts the bass in your voice and the boom in your system. Our feminism makes you say it with your chest!!! It is a feminism that makes you move, a feminism that indexes a fundamental relationship to one’s body and one’s embodiment.

Via Feministing, some pretty badass embroidery that calls out the ignorant. The best? “Understand intersectionality, know your privilege, and don’t be a dick.” Mo Makes Things

Girl tries to give away a banned book. Parents call the cops on her. Everything turns out awesome. The Daily Dot

There are A LOT of calorie-counting apps on iTunes, and not one of them will make you healthy.

Most people know that technology like this is more about the promise than the delivery, and that such programs are unlikely to be the sole catalyst for major habitual change, but that overall, they aren’t terribly consequential. But, I would like to suggest that these “calorie counters” bring us culturally further away from the idea of health, in a nutritional and an emotional-relational sense. Refinery29

“Things Terry Richardson Looks Like” will haunt your dreams. The Toast

Amy Schumer is a gift to feminism who knows that the reason she keeps tripping is the patriarchy.

With each new embarrassment, she merely dusts herself off, has a laugh at her own expense, and puts on a tiny smile instead. She’s like a clumsy romantic-comedy heroine, except the reason she keeps falling down is that someone’s always tripping her. Grantland

A teenage girl is filling a niche market: bras for tweens that aren’t sexy (but are still cute). The Gloss

Here’s an absolutely thrilling article on the new wave queer underground.

This was my kind of clique, thick with gender-bending children of absentee parents, fledglings from broken homes who’d figured out how to turn negatives into positives, how to make high-octane fuel of their hypercritical adolescent hate. Bitter Southerner

There’s no better way to put this: “An imagined conversation between the researchers who used ‘science’ to study how attractive women are when they wear makeup.” The Frisky

Guess how many women Steven Moffat hired to write for the new season of Doctor Who?  The Daily Dot

Junot Díaz on the unbearable whiteness of MFA programs:

I didn’t have a great workshop experience. Not at all. In fact by the start of my second year I was like: get me the fuck out of here. So what was the problem? Oh just the standard problem of MFA programs. That shit was too white. The New Yorker

Neil DeGrasse Tyson: feminist icon. Feministing

TransAdvocate has a truly excellent interview with Judith Butler in which she takes feminists to task for misusing her theory to be terrible to trans* people.

One problem with that view of social construction is that it suggests that what trans people feel about what their gender is, and should be, is itself “constructed” and, therefore, not real.  And then the feminist police comes along to expose the construction and dispute a trans person’s sense of their lived reality.  I oppose this use of social construction absolutely, and consider it to be a false, misleading, and oppressive use of the theory.

Linked just about everywhere this week: tiny hamsters eating tiny burritos.

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