Dispatches from Ladyblogland

Dispatches from Ladyblogland

This week features singing, a very useful gif, and the pill.

Okay, not strictly ladyblogland material, but Tumblr was all about the previews for ABC’s new musical show, Galavant. In case the beard threw you off, that’s Timothy Omundson of Psych fame in the role of the less-likeable king.

This post from Feministing is genius: want to show us just how bullshit a judge thought Idaho’s same-sex marriage ban was? Use memes! Also, it ends in this gif, which I’m sure you’ll want to right click, save as for Internet commenting.

A gif of a mic drop

I feel like this is right up Linotte’s alley: via The Hairpin, a piece about how Marie Antoinette became Marie Antoinette. Lapham’s Quarterly

Woman is good at her job and gets nominated for a prestigious BAFTA. Woman buys dress, has a lovely time getting ready, and good fun at the awards ceremony. Woman is pilloried for her (absolutely lovely) fashion choices.

I’m sorry. I thought I had been invited to such an illustrious event because I am good at my job. Putting clothes on is such a small part of my day. They may as well have been criticising me for brushing my teeth differently to them.
Sarah Millican in Radio Times

WAM has a comprehensive Jill Abramson reading list. Women, Action, & the Media

I find myself listening to Loretta Lynn whenever I’ve had a bad day. Which is why I loved The Awl’s discussion of Lynn’s song, “The Pill.”

By Lynn’s own account, she married at age 13 and had four children before she turned 18; by the time she released the song, she’d had two more. “I’ve had six kids and I’ll take the pill anytime,” Lynn told the Associated Press in 1975, and then made light of her own naïveté about pregnancy: “I didn’t know at first what was causin’ all this.”

This were just some of my favorites. What did you read this week?


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I <3 Sarah Millican… at the same time, part of the fun of watching awards ceremonies is judging the dresses. So I fully support people’s right to snark on her fashion choices, but not to be obnoxious and actually contact her with said snark. There’s a way to do celebrity fashion snark right, I think, but the Fug Girls are the only example I can think of.

This Sarah Millican business makes me angry. She’s wonderful and clever, and I love her. What’s wrong with people? (I swear if I ever got invited to a red carpet event, I’d turn up in my favourite jeans and that jumper that smells of my mum.)

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