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New Show Recap: Hannibal, 02×13, “Mizumono”

As we say goodbye to the normal television calendar as summer season starts, Hannibal provided what I needed for a season finale. The finale delivered 43 minutes of complete and utter batshit chaos wrapped in a cool calm exterior. 

Hannibal is hand writing out an invitation for Jack Crawford to join him for dinner. As we know from the season opener, this dinner will involve Jack and Hannibal fighting.

Hannibal and Will begin therapy by talking about how the chair Will sits in has memories. The molecules remember everything. Jack is mentioned in their conversation. Will is telling Hannibal about what Jack might do at the dinner.

The scene cuts back and forth to Jack discussing his plan for the dinner with Will as well. Jack will have sharpshooters and he will have a wire on. The two conversations conclude with a closeup on Will’s face as Jack and Hannibal both ask him if he will do what needs to be done.

A man sits in a chair as an arm is shown touching a desk,
Will sits in Jack’s office as they discuss the plan to capture Hannibal

“Ah, yes.”

Will approaches his darkened house with caution, given what happened last time. He sees Garret Jacob Hobbs on his porch as he is handed a gun. A deer walks into the scope as Will fires. Will’s dreams are the best part of the series.

Hannibal is visiting Bella at her house. They discuss death and that Bella is not very happy to be living.

“I am here because I can’t abandon Jack.”

Hannibal is making his manipulation rounds obviously, playing God. Bella wants Hannibal to save Jack.

Freddie and Will are talking about what the next step is. Freddie talks about how she will enjoy telling her survivor story. Will points out that they are not out of the woods yet, and asks that she not write about Abigail. Will doing his protector thing and I kind of love it.

“You really don’t know if you are going to survive him, do you?”

The music plays a tick tock sound as Will quietly reads Dr. Lecter’s notes about him and then throws them in the fire. Dr. Lecter also begins to get rid of his other patient files, because he knows that his time there is ending and says he wants to protect his patients. Dr. Lecter alludes to running off with Will. How sweet. Will talks about his dream place of fishing as Hannibal opines about some place in Italy that is nice with a small bit of mortality built into it. Their memory palaces are these places. Hannibal mentions that if he is ever apprehended he will live in his memory palace.

A shot of Freddie plays as Hannibal realizes what he smells on Will. Wow, Hannibal has a nose for smells. This is the first sign of betrayal that Hannibal can see.

Alana narrates a dream she has of the coming storm. Darkness is overtaking her. Alana is revealed to be talking to Will at the FBI headquarters. She seems to finally understand that Hannibal is as bad as Will said he was.

“We’ve all been poisoned.”

She knows that Jack and Will are planning on taking Hannibal down. She is worried that Hannibal is actually attempting to take them down.

A mixture of water and blood is shown as an interstitial, opening on Will and Hannibal eating a feast. They discuss transformation. The idea of an Imago, a flying insect, is used as the format of the transformation topic. It is also an icon of a sacred religion. It represents the ideal.

“I have a concept of you, just as you have a concept of me.”
“Neither of us ideal.”

They discuss Jack’s eventual death. Hannibal presents Will with the lover’s escape plan.

“This will be our last supper.”

Hannibal points out that he served lamb, and Will asks if it’s sacrificial. Hannibal’s food choices obviously are always metaphorical and meta. Bryan Fuller likes to deliver not-so-subtle references, apparently.

“He wants justice.”

Jack wants to see Hannibal for who he is and what Will has become.

“He wants the truth.”

Kade is back and talking Jack into not following through on his plan. She thinks it’s entrapment. She says no conviction could happen since they are trying to induce Hannibal into murder. She mentions Jack’s wife and he is not happy. She is going to force him into compassion leave after an inquiry into his dealings.

Jack hands her his badge and leaves. The tick tock music is back as Jack is escorted out of the building.

A man is shown handing a badge to a woman.
Jack quits the FBI…for now

Jack is seen cuddling with Bella as Alana is talking with Kade. Alana knows that Jack and Will are the only way to catch Hannibal.

“Reality doesn’t go away if you stop believing in it.”

She is going to charge Will and Jack. She wants to bring them into custody. Alana tells her that won’t stop Jack and Will.

Alana calls Will and lets him know a warrant has been issued for his arrest. He is being charged with entrapment and murder. Will hangs up and runs out of his house. Hannibal gets a call and it’s from his wannabe lover, Will.

“They know.”

Hannibal is preparing dinner as Jack’s reflection is shown in Hannibal’s knife. They talk about friendship. The tick tock music moves faster, driving home the point of what is about to occur and causing the viewer to have increased anticipation.

A man is shown cutting meat as he glances into the forground
Hannibal giving Jack the death stare while preparing his meal

“And this is the clearest moment of our friendship.”

MORTAL KOMBAT!!!! This is where the opening episode fight scene is taken from. Hannibal and Jack fight with lots of knives and a gun. Hannibal sticks Jack in the neck as Jack shuts himself in the pantry.

Alana calls the cops as she enters the home, gun drawn. Dripping with blood, Hannibal tells her he was hoping he wouldn’t have to say goodbye to Alana in person. Alana pulls the trigger and no bullets come out. Hannibal calmly mentions he took the bullets from her gun. She runs upstairs as Hannibal begins to chase her. She locks herself in a room thinking she is safe. She even fires bullets through the door after changing a clip.

A woman is shown holding a gun pointing at someone
Alana points her gun at Hannibal

Holy fuck, it’s Abigail!

“I am so sorry.”

Abigail defenestrates Alana. Glass falls on her body as rain comes down. Will the saviour is here, yay!

Jack is holding his throat trying to stave off bleeding to death as Will searches the house for Hannibal.

Will finds Abigail as she cries, talking about Hannibal making her do things. Abigail seems like the lost girl she was portrayed to be.

“You were supposed to leave.”

Hannibal is using Abigail as his ace in the hole to turn Will. Will glares into Hannibal’s eyes as Hannibal embraces him and stabs him in the stomach. Hannibal is so pissed that Will was never actually on his side. He is definitely playing the scorned lover card.

“I forgive you, Will.”

Hannibal slits Abigail’s throat, taking Will’s humanity by making him watch Abigail bleed out.

He then calmly walks over the chaos into the rain and puts his coat on.

Pulling a Marvel Cinematic Universe trope, Hannibal rolls credits but a scene plays over the end of them. FUCCCCCK. Hannibal is on a plane and his companion pulling the best heel turn since The Rock became the Corporate champ, Bedelia. Jeez, I did not see that one coming, but if this means more Bedelia next season, I will be happy.

Let’s survey who is dead and who is alive, most likely.

  • Abigail is 99% sure of being dead.
  • Alana is probably 75% sure of being alive.
  • Will is guaranteed to live, he is the protagonist and this isn’t Game of Thrones.
  • Jack is probably alive at around 55%.

I cannot wait for next season.

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