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New Show Recap: Hannibal 2×11, “Ko No Mono”

I finally had the chance to read a few of the walkthroughs by Bryan Fuller on The A.V. Club. His outline of the show each week definitely gives an insight into what is going on in the minds of everyone involved. Though I still am angry about what happened to Beverly, at least Margot and Alana appear here to stay for now. This week’s episode was kind of a resting breath after the holy shit moments of the last few. 

The show opens with another awesome dream sequence. The deer man watches a dead deer give birth to a Will Graham deer man. The symbolism of rebirth has played throughout this season and especially setting the scene for this episode.

Hannibal is preparing a specialty bird meal for Will and him. The bird is made by drowning and roasting it. Then eaten whole bird is eaten in one bite. Will sees the bird as him and tells Hannibal he hasn’t been gorged and plucked. Traditionally, eating this delicacy requires shrouds to hide you from God. Hannibal does not believe he needs to hide from God. Hannibal describes the euphoria he felt when he first had this delicacy.

“I was euphoric when I killed Freddie Lounds.”

Two men sit opposite each other at a dinner table
Will and Hannibal enjoy their dinner.

Hannibal tells Will he is evolving.

The screen fades into a parking garage attendant standing watch as a human body engulfed in flames speeds down the parking ramp. The attendant scrambles for an extinguisher as the ghost rider hits a parking space that reads F. Lounds.

The science team examines the flaming body and reveals that it is Freddie Lounds. I appreciate the journalism knocks against Freddie, and the continued use of the science team as comic relief provides a good breath of fresh air in the midst of all the killing. Will ruminates on how Freddie was fuel, and that she would rise from the ashes.

Margot is in session with Hannibal as she reveals she is with child — Will Graham’s child. OMG, this show is so fucked up. Will is also there and he isn’t happy he was used by her. Hannibal was aware Margot wanted a kid but not that Will was going to be the delivery system. Margot doesn’t necessarily want Will involved, but she is not opposed to a male influence as long as it’s not her brother.

Ominous cut to Mason having a school field trip at his farm. He picks out a little boy to talk to one-on-one. This will end so badly. Mason tells the child his foster family no longer wants him. He makes the kid cry, collects his tear, and he feels so good about it. Mason has a tear-infused drink and smiles as calamitous noise plays over time passing on Will Graham’s house.

Will wakes up in a sweat to find Dr. Bloom at his door. Will openly admits that Dr. Bloom thinks he killed Freddie Lounds.

“I told everyone Hannibal was a killer and no one believed me.”

Will insinuates that no one will believe Dr. Bloom if she tells everyone that Will Graham is a killer, and tells her Hannibal is good enough for her. Oh Will, please don’t wish that on Alana. I like her. Will gives her a gun and tells her to learn how to use it.

Hannibal gets to hear Mason’s side now, as Mason has entered into therapy with Dr. Lecter. Mason is so fucking proud of how fucked up he is. Mason talks about how when he was younger he got arrested but got off with community service. He had therapy previously ordered by the court, but he didn’t get anything out of it. Hannibal calls Mason a child. He can see that Mason’s development is not beyond that of a teenager. Mason thinks he is the sole heir but Hannibal puts him in his place, letting on that Margot could have a kid.

Freddie Lounds’ funeral is well attended. Alana and Will are there.

A man and a woman stand in a grave yard
Will and Alana attend Freddie Lounds’ funeral

It is common for a killer to revisit their victims after death.

Will and Alana are having their waltz around who killed her and others. Alana is profiling Will, it seems. Will reveals that Hannibal wanted him to attend the funeral, as it might be therapeutic. Alana has much to give in this story and I really hope she and Will come to some sort of détente where they aren’t actively trying to go after one another.

Hannibal and Will are having dinner again. Will discusses killing versus creating life, and says he would be a good father. Hannibal tells Will that he acted as a father to his sister. The parallels between Hannibal/Mischa and Mason/Margot are definitely being set up and played on in this season. Abigail reminded Hannibal of his sister. He was supposed to protect her, but he needed to protect Will first. Hannibal openly admits to Will that he killed Abigail. He feigns that he is sorry about it.

“Someday perhaps the cup will come together”

Freddie Lounds’ body is shaped into Shiva with the extra arms dug from the graves around hers. Alana profiles this morbid deification and her death. Alana connects Randall Tier’s death with Freddie’s. She is using words to attack Will without saying it’s Will to the rest of the team. Will reveals that the killer is most likely being guided by a benefactor of some sort. Dr. Bloom profiles that the benefactor is now courting the killer. In plain speak, Alana thinks Hannibal is training Will to kill.

A man and a woman's backs are to us in a misty night
Jack and Alana at the Shiva crime scene

Mason and Margot are in the stables again. Mason tells Margot that he’s concerned about the Verger line, so he wants a baby. Margot has eyes like she knows Mason knows she is pregnant.

Hannibal and Will discuss creation as destruction. Destroying something is creating something else. Abigail was sacrificed for Will, it seems. Their discussion of God is very agnostic. Hannibal doesn’t believe in God necessarily, just that he wants people to know that he is insignificant. Hannibal compares Abigail and the Will/Margot potential baby as both Will’s children. One was destroyed so the other could be created, it seems. Of course, Hannibal is trying to create the perfect killer, Will. This is one sick dance, but a very entertaining one to watch. I feel simultaneously disgusted and fascinated by this entire show.

Mason recounts a story to Hannibal about walking through a livestock fair with his father. His father educated him in the ways of the world without really letting him get the type of childhood he probably needed. Mason talks about watching his father stab a knife into pigs to see how much fat they had. Hannibal reveals that Margot’s child would be a Verger. Mason would only have an heir if he died. He knows that Margot would probably kill him if she were to have a baby boy.

Alana and Hannibal have a drink as she reveals that she is questioning everything. She doesn’t believe he is helping Will. Hannibal does seem to feign love for her pretty well. Hannibal kisses her hand as a flash of a woman shooting a gun goes off on screen. He asks if she has been firing a gun.

Margot is quickly shown packing a lot of bags into a car as she speeds off away form the family farm. BOOM! A car crash knocks Margot out, and she wakes up in a seedy operating room as Mason admits he is about to remove the temptation. Creepy. She cries as he takes a tear on a gauze pad as a trophy. He is eliminating anyone but himself as the heir to his family.

“The most terrifying thing in the world can be a lucid moment.”

Dr. Bloom and Jack are discussing the whole story. Dr. Bloom believes that everyone is lying to each other and that no one sees what is going on. Alana says no one really knows Hannibal or Will. She truly believes every thing will end badly.

“You are going to lose, Jack.”

Jack takes Alana to another room at the FBI headquarters. Big reveal, Freddie Lounds is there.

The man who hit Margot in the car, Mason’s assistant Carlo, is attacked by someone. Mason is watching the pig pit as someone approaches behind him. Will attacks Mason and puts the fear of Hannibal in him. Dangling Mason above the pig pits, Will reveals much more about himself than a lot of his other actions this entire season. Will, it seems, did want to be a father. He might even care about Margot.

After last week’s episode, this one was a bit of a dud. With only two episodes left in the season, I do appreciate the setup for what is coming. We know the last scene of the season is Jack and Hannibal fighting. It seems that Freddie’s death was faked as part of the bait for Will and Jack’s fishing expedition of Hannibal. I have no idea where they can go after this season but the show got renewed, so I guess we will find out.

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This episode had a lot of points that advanced the plot, but it was more character driven than action driven. It seems that one phase of Jack and Will’s plan has finished and the other one is just starting. Alana is in a very unique position in that she can possibly gain access to parts of Hannibal’s house under his nose. But that turns the whole thing into a honey pot operation and just no.

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