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New Show Recap: Hannibal, 2×12, “Tome-wan”

The episode opens with Will and Hannibal in session. Will wants Hannibal to posit what’s in Will’s mind. Hannibal says he and Will are the same, but he’s thrown back by the fact that Will told Mason that Hannibal wanted him dead.

“Are you thinking about eating him?” “Whenever feasible, one should try to eat the rude.”

Two men sit facing each other. One man is in the foreground and another is in the background.
Hannibal and Will have some quality buddy time

Will admits he would join Hannibal at eating Mason as he is nothing but a pig to Will. Hannibal invites Will to go into his dream state and see what would happen. In doing so, Will envisions cutting Hannibal, who’s hanging from a rope, letting him bleed out like a cow to slaughter. Will then sees Hannibal being fed to the pigs. Whenever they smile at each other, it creeps me the fuck out.

Hannibal slips a blade into his jacket arm as Mason is lecturing him about how mad he is that Hannibal encouraged Margot. Mason is damn proud of what he did to Margot. Hannibal does not like that Mason is so openly, well, rude, as he is.

“What game of chicken are you and the sperm donor playing, Dr. Lecter?”

Mason really is upset that Hannibal is messing with him. This is just your typical psychopathic bigger dick comparison party.

Fade to Margot putting clothes on. Margot is showing Will and Hannibal what Mason did. The scars all over her body dominate the discussion about Mason’s torture. They are basically ownership rights of Mason over Margot. Will encourages Margot to survive Mason.

Will and Jack meet. Jack acknowledges that he knows Will killed Randall. They are working on their fishing expedition against Hannibal. Will mentions manipulation. Hannibal is trying to manipulate Will, but Will wants to turn it back around; he wants to set up Mason to be killed by Hannibal in front of Will. Jack says he might be able to get three witnesses to that murder instead of two.

“I’m a good fisherman too, Will.”

Two men stand about five feet apart facing each other.
Will and Jack meet to discuss their fishing expedition

Bedelia is in an FBI examination room pacing. Will begins to interview her.

“Let’s talk about Hannibal Lecter.”

She mentions that Hannibal manipulated her just as he is manipulating Will. Bedelia killed the patient she was attacked by. She says that Hannibal “persuaded” her. Bedelia mentions that Hannibal will persuade Will to kill someone who he loves, because that’s what Hannibal does. He forces you to kill your loved ones.

Hannibal serves wine to Will, and they discuss dreams. Will even feels like his waking life is just a dream, but Hannibal thinks Will is just waking up to who he really is. Will reams Hannibal for taking everyone he loves away from him, saying that Hannibal wants no one but himself in Will’s life. The dream metaphor throughout the series has definitely been the backbone of Bryan Fuller’s creation. He has used the dreams to explore reality and what Will is really like.

“We are both alone without each other.”

Talk about codependency.

Jack is talking to Bedelia now. Jack is mad because she ran away, but Bedelia openly doubts the FBI’s ability to protect her, just as she doubts their ability to protect Will. She thinks Will is learning more about himself, and that he is not in control. She also thinks that Jack will only catch Hannibal when he wants to be caught. He is the puppet master.

Why would people still go to dinner at Hannibal’s?

Jack apparently wants to break bread with Hannibal again and goes there for another fine feast. Hannibal made some advanced level Jell-O. Jack mentions that Alana believes Will killed Freddie, and he reveals to Hannibal that, like Hannibal, he trusts no one but himself.

A man stands at a table where another man sits as he is being served food.
Hannibal reveals his fish Jell-O masterpiece to Jack

“If you cannot rely on others, you have to rely on God.”

Hannibal’s obsession with God is obvious a narcissistic one, as he sees himself as God. All of the talk about God really means him in his mind, because he gets to be the one who punishes and rewards. This plays right into what Bedelia was saying about Hannibal controlling all.

Hannibal, in a metaphor about the fish he and Jack are eating for dinner, states that he intends to eat whoever is pursuing him. The bait has been laid.

Mason’s driver and Mason pay a very not fun visit to Will. Hannibal is visited by Carlo and some more hired muscle. Carlo tells Hannibal that Mason wants to see him. Hannibal fights both of them but loses, though the other hired muscle is mortally wounded by Hannibal, which really seems to upset Carlo. Don’t fuck with Dr. Lecter. He will get his revenge.

Carlo has hung Hannibal up above the pig pit when Mason shows up with Will. Mason is so proud of himself that he caught Hannibal.

“You are an odd psychiatrist.”

Mason thinks he and Hannibal could have had great times together. Mason hands Will the knife to bleed out Hannibal. Instead, Will frees Hannibal and gets attacked by Carlo. He wakes up alone above the pig pit. Will raises the rope from the pig pit to find Carlo’s corpse. Not the traditional sleeps with the fishes, but eaten by pigs is a good mafia death.

Mason wakes up with Dr. Lecter standing over him in I believe his office. Hannibal gives him some sort of gas and psychedelic attributes. Mason’s dirty trip begins. Hannibal wants Mason to show him how to check the depth of pig fat on himself. To quote John Darnielle, “The scene ends badly as you might imagine.”

Will walks into his house to find Mason, covered in blood, in the dark feeding his dogs. Oh GOODDDDDDD FUCK I ALMOST PUKED. (That’s when I figured out what was being eaten.)

“What are you feeding the dogs?” “Just me.”

Michael Pitt has nailed the psychopath laugh, similar to Heath Ledger’s Joker and eerily similar to Gary Oldman’s version of Mason Verger from the 2001 movie Hannibal. Hannibal brought Mason to Will’s house to carve his own face up. Hannibal talks to Will about what murder is. Hannibal has made Mason into his own freakshow. Hannibal is trying to goad Will into killing him. Hannibal believes Will is capable of murder a dozen times over.

“He’s your patient, Doctor. You do what you think is best for him.”

Hannibal snaps Mason’s neck.

Jack looks at an eel in a floor that is revealed to be Mason’s house. Mason is alive, hiding behind a creepy-ass mask. It looks like half a ventriloquist’s dummy’s face.  He tells Jack that he fell into a pig pit, and talks about how Hannibal’s therapy helped him, is still helping him, and how he hopes to repay him someday. His new psychosis knows no ends, apparently.

“Is it time to talk about what Margot wants?”

Margot enters the room right after Jack leaves, and tells Mason she’s going to take care of him, just as he took care of her.

Hannibal and Will discuss Achilles and Patroclus. Hannibal envisions Will and himself as the Greek couple. Will wants Hannibal to reveal himself to Jack. It is time for him to persuade Jack, it seems. Jack has become his friend and he owes him the truth. This last scene is definitely fan service to all the shippers out there. I do not want Hannibal and Will to be an item like that because I am disgusted by Hannibal’s actions. Of course, it’s because I am such a Will Graham fangirl.

I know in the next episode Jack fights Hannibal, which we saw at the start of the season. It will be interesting to see where they go. Hannibal was renewed for a third season, so at least the chaos can continue.

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I’m never more grateful not to be a ‘foodie’ than I am when I watch ‘Hannibal.’ The whole birds last week, the fish in jello this week…..ewww. Just ewwwww.

I can’t figure out where this show is going. I can’t wait to find out why Jack goes apeshit on Hannibal next week. It’s about time!

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