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Welcome to this week’s edition of “News in Asia.” From ousted prime ministers, to international high speed rail, we have a bit of everything this week.

Thailand’s Prime Minister, Yingluck Shinawatra was ousted from power this week after the Constitutional Court found her guilty of abusing her power in regards to the country’s rice subsidy program. She has been barred from politics for the next five years.

In Pakistan, a roadside bomb killed ten Pakistani troops.

Also in Pakistan, the prime minister has launched the country’s first solar power project.

Sadly, a prominent human rights lawyer was killed this week in Pakistan.

In China, authorities have detained Pu Zhiqiang, a prominent human rights lawyer, in a move to discourage other activists from marking the 25th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square protest.

The CEO of the company that owned the ferry that sunk off the coast of South Korea has been detained, along with four other employees.

Also, the relatives of those lost in the ferry disaster staged a protest in Seoul.

China continues to act like the schoolyard bully who thinks they can boss everyone around just because they’re the biggest. This time, Vietnam has accused a Chinese vessel of intentionally ramming fishing boats in the disputed South China Sea. Oh, and China decided to plant a gigantic oil rig because YOLO.

The US continues to play both sides of the good/bad China debate: The US and China are in talks to link the two countries via high-speed rail. The route would connect the northeastern part of China to the United States via Siberia and the Bering Strait. Sounds cool, but I’m still waiting for the States to get inter-continental high-speed rail going.

So who is up for a trip to colonize another planet? Return trip not included. India has gathered a short-list of 44 people, including seventeen women, to start a colony on Mars by 2024.

And on that note, I’m inspired to re-read some Martian Chronicles. See you next week.

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