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News in Europe: Let’s Put Those Drones to Good Use

Citizens, did you miss the Ukraine updates? I’m sick of them, because whatever the news, it’s not good. Here they are anyway:

Armed rebels/Russian spies/idiots kidnapped a truckload of OSCE observers last week. They’re fine, apparently, but it doesn’t seem like a particularly clever and diplomatic way of getting what you want. They then moved on to seize several more buildings in the East of the country, and in the middle of all this, the mayor of Kharkiv got shot. Cue the usual reaction of the West: more sanctions!

Meanwhile, British RAF fighter jets are patrolling the airspace over the Baltic countries.

The European Parliament is preparing for an influx of Eurosceptic parties after the elections this month. In the UK, Ukip (UK Independence Party) seems on its way to receiving an unheard of portion of the vote, despite of all kinds of disgusting, racist Ukip members coming out of the woodwork.

Two money-related stories from Spain: While the country’s economy seems to be recovering slightly, unemployment is still ridiculously high. Meanwhile, super-rich and super-famous opera star Montserrat Caballé is being charged for tax fraud. Because of course.

In France, police officers are bastards in real life, too, and not just on TV.

In Sweden, Syrian refugees are safe, but life is tough anywhere. Hug a refugee today because life really doesn’t get much worse.

But hey, at least two dead Popes got declared saints! Sainted? Beatified? Canonised? Who cares.

There aren’t even any hilarious stories this week, just misery. But let me share this with you: Germans being super-duper efficient, as usual. LET’S DO ZIS PRRROPERLY!

More misery next week. Feel free to share any good news you come across!

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