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News in Europe: VE Day

Greetings, citizens, from the land that knows no spring (I’m *this* close to getting the phrase patented and internationally recognized)! It’s VE Day today (Liberation Day where I come from), so spare a thought for those who made this Europe possible. Meanwhile, its story is moving on, and like I said before, history likes to repeat itself, only nobody is listening. Let’s get right to it.

The conflict in Ukraine has spread to the southern city of Odessa. The city is, you’ve guessed it, a strategically important port city. The death toll there is now expected to rise to 100, at which point civil war will only be a question of semantics. Here’s more information about Odessa. While the Ukrainian military seems to have nearly no control left over the eastern regions, all Russia needs to do is wait. While wearing an annoyingly smug smile, obviously.

We all seem pretty sure now that Eastern Ukraine is being infiltrated by Russian agents stoking the conflict. Sounds like a movie script, doesn’t it? I wonder…

At least those kidnapped OSCE observers are free and telling their stories.

Ahead of the European Parliament Elections, the role and functionality of the EU is being discussed once more. As long as it’s an intelligent debate, nobody minds.

Elsewhere in the world, Europe is still seen as the promised land. It’s been a sad week for those desperate enough to risk their lives coming here. Many have died trying to get to safety in Greece, while one Afghan man was rescued trying to cross the Channel on a makeshift raft. You try doing that, Ukip.

Politicians are not all the rage at the moment: the French President does not have a big fan base in his country, it seems.

Oh, Spain. You’re suffering from the recession more than most, but do you have to take it out on your women? In the fight against stricter abortion laws, a pro-choice campaign is seeking publicity the fierce way. And men, it seems, are unfit to wash their own clothes. Goddammit.

The Vatican’s worst-kept secret does not improve when expressed in cold numbers. A UN committee is trying to find out just how deep-seated child abuse is in the Vatican, and I’m guessing nobody will be much happier after we find out.

Ready for some good news? So am I. How about Eurovision? But that’s not really happy news. Let’s hear it for The Great Hamster Of Alsace, who is most likely not trying to invade the neighbouring country and does his own laundry. Nawwwwwwww.

Until next week!

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