P-Mag’s Ultimate Cocktails: Woo Woo

I don’t really drink cocktails, unless we’re counting “whatever beer is in the fridge” as cocktails, so this might be less ultimate and more “slightly-above average for when you want to finish the vodka.”

I’m 27 and live in NYC. I’m in a perpetual state of fear of adulthood, so I don’t have a cocktail recipe that I trot out to impress my friends. My friends are mostly impressed that I am willing to order take-out every single time they show up.

During my senior year of college, my friend Annie got on a “Woo Woo” kick and tried to entice us with Woo Woos every time we stumbled into her apartment in search of food. We were not very discerning drinkers so we drank them eagerly, because that’s what you do when you’re an undergrad. I’ll be honest, Woo Woos always reminded me of this:

I sent an e-mail to Annie with the subject line “HELP WITH DRINKING” (because I am an ADULT), asking her what her peach schnapps based drink of choice was. This was her response:

Are you ready????

It was a woo woo.

Yes, a woo woo.  And I may have ordered a woo woo shot last week.  For the record, it was the first time I’ve ordered a woo woo or a shot in maybe 3 years, but it did happen.

It’s cranberry juice, peach schnapps, and vodka and it is amazing.

Despite these simple instructions, I panicked at the liquor store when they said they did not have peach schnapps and tried to make this Woo Woo happen with peach vodka. Do not make that mistake.

I paid a grand total of $20 for these ingredients because I treat myself so well.
I paid a grand total of $20 for these ingredients because I treat myself so well.


  • 1 shot peach schnapps
  • 1 shot vodka
  • Cranberry juice
  • Frozen peaches (if you’d like)
  • Ice


Pour in your shot of vodka. Add a shot of schnapps. Add ice cubes. Add cranberry juice until you can tolerate this tartly sweet concoction. I also added frozen peaches because I happened to find them in the freezer when I was getting ice, so I added a touch of elegance.

This is mostly ice cube, I swear. Also seen in photo: sad frozen peach chunks and my roommate’s Ben & Jerry’s shot glass.

You can flip around these instructions because who cares, this isn’t exactly a complicated drink. Make it a double shot instead of single shots. Be free. Stir or don’t. It’ll mix in your mouth anyway, right? I read the suggestion online to use a highball glass but since we only have wine glasses or these giant Ikea glasses in this apartment, I made mine giant.

The final drink! Better than expected (which is also the name of my autobiography).

Woo Woos are actually kind of great for summer if you can get over how surprisingly sweet they can be. If you want to remember what childhood was like, and get drunk off something that vaguely tastes like Hi-C or Kool-Aid, this is for you. Enjoy.

By Karishma

Karishma is a twenty-something living in New York City and is trying her hardest to live out every cliche about Millennials. This involves eating her feelings, drowning in debt and mocking infomercials. She likes sociology so much that she has two degrees in it, and is still warding off her parents' questions about a real career.

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