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Rage Gifs: When You Need to Give the World the Bird

It’s been a really tough couple of weeks to be a lady on the internet. Traveling around, there’s a palpable sense that everyone has just had enough and just can’t with this shit any longer. After your tenth million interaction on Twitter with some low-fruit piping up with a rape joke or unironic “not all men” tweet, or your seeing your notifications light up with the insightful mental wanderings of some internet dude devil’s advocating some reason why a shooter’s expressed and written hatred of women isn’t actual misogyny, even the most steel-spined of us just can’t find the additional words to keep telling these jags just what profound assholes they are.

And that’s OK, friends. You don’t have to waste your big kid words — sometimes it’s really OK to just slap a gif up and call it a day. To that end, I offer you a small selection of images for when you just want to give the world the finger.

Homer Simpson gives you all the finger

beth giving the finger on The walking Dead.


Steve Buscemi giving the finger in Airheads.

kiss flip

lots of birds

lots of fingers


tatum the bird

Kathy Griffith gives you the fu.

Molly Ringwold giving the finger in The Breakfast Club

Janice gives the finger, Mean Girls

JLaw gives the finger in Silver Linings.

This little girl flips you the bird.

Flipping the bird

Close up of Walter White giving the finger.

Giving the finger.

Rose gives the finger, Titanic

Spike gives the British bird

Bring it On bird

Rose McGowen gives the finger

Finger through the window

classic movie fu



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