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This Open Thread is on a Mission

I’ve been spending my free time trying to get/keep all the nooks and crannies of my home organized, like a goddamn adult. 

What sort of adulting milestones have you hit recently?

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After demolishing my garage & shed (instead of spending over $7k to repair it) in December, I’m almost done with getting rid of the debris. I would say we’re down to less than 1/4 of the garage roof, and everything else either was carted away in December or is boxed up and waiting to be carted off soon by a trash removal company.

I’m waiting for notice that my house roof will be replaced. Any day now. It’s being done through a neighborhood association, but the ball’s in their court. (I’ll need assistance with cleaning the attic beforehand, but luckily UfYH exists.)

My house has old and terrible wiring. The house was built in 1920, and there’s strong evidence a lot of the wiring is from 1920. On friday, my engineer friend came over, and we & my honeymuffin mapped out the circuitry (not with EE symbols, just a map of the place with “this outlet is on Circuit 5” and “this lightswitch is on Circuit 8”, etc). Then on saturday said friend and his electrician father came over and we replaced three wall sconces (one was inoperable, one had an immovable switch but the bulb connection was fine, and one had a stiff switch) and fixed an outlet which was practically falling out of the wall. Electrodad’s response to the whole electrical situation could be summarized with, “you’re safe, but don’t go poking around in there.”

I’m in the process of making insulating draperies for my honeymuffin’s office nook. It’s not my first time sewing, but it is my first time sewing large draperies.

Oh, and I just joined PMag. Because it rocks and I was tired of reading but not commenting. That’s an adulting milestone.

Good luck with the drapes! For what are basically giant rectangles, they are surprisingly difficult! My problems were largely with fabric wrangling and maintaining straight lines over large distances (but I suck at straight lines in general). Also, my fabric shrunk oddly when I pre-washed it.

My mother-in-law has been out of town, so I’ve been playing catch-up with a ton of projects that needed to be done around the house. I replaced the broken and spider-infested mailbox and did a ton of weeding and gardening and other lawn stuff, plus I cleaned the deck furniture since it’s finally starting to get warm enough to use it. And I finally bought screws so I could re-hang the last set of blinds from when she had the windows replaced… last fall.

Still on the to-do list: Figuring out how to clean the grout in the laundry room from when Lexie made a tie-dyed shirt and I didn’t think to put anything under it when I hung it up to dry. (I swear, the stain is practically invisible, but you’d think I threw black paint all over the house.) I was going to fill in some chipped grout in the bathroom, but I think I bought the wrong color because of course she threw away the leftovers from when she had it redone a few years ago. And I have to put a new hose on the dryer and put some caulk over the leaky sliding glass door if the forecast ever calls for a string of non-rainy days. Blah.

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