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This Week in Misogyny: Reading List

You didn’t think I was going to leave you with all the terrible news without giving you some lighter reading, did you? No worries, I found a ton of cool things for y’all to check out, though that’s not to say you might not have the occasional ragestroke. Come on in for a hefty dose of listicles, smart writing, hilarious satire, and PMag boyfriend Dulé Hill (you know that’s right). (As usual, trigger warnings for pretty much everything apply.)

I love the new White House PSA in which celebrities talk to men about ending sexual assault on college campuses. I do wish it didn’t fall into the annoying dude feminism trap of “What if it was your sister or daughter?” but mostly because I wish that wasn’t the only way that a lot of guys can relate to women’s issues.


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Also, this (from the Time article) is equally gold and I want to pin it on my wall:

1. Sexism is a fake idea invented by feminists
2. Sexism happens, but the effect of “reverse sexism” on men is as bad or worse
3. Sexism happens, but the important part is that I personally am not sexist
4. Sexism happens, and I benefit from that whether or not I personally am sexist
5. Sexism happens, I benefit from it, I am unavoidably sexist sometimes because I was socialized that way, and if I want to be anti-sexist I have to be actively working against that socialization.

Bonus: also works for other social justice issues!

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