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This Weekend Open Thread is Nerding Out with Ann M. Martin

BookCon is Saturday, mofos.

As a gift to eight-year-old me, I plan to wait in what will probably be an epic line at BookCon so I can get an autograph from Baby-Sitters’ Club creator Ann M. Martin.  Yeah yeah yeah, Amy Poehler and Jason Segal and Grumpy Cat will all be there, too, but BABY-SITTERS CLUB. This is important.

By [E] Liza

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My roommate moved out this weekend. I’m both super excited and super sad about this, so of course I fell in to the wonderful habits of my childhood and read a lot of books and bought pretty underwear to make me feel better. :P

Also, a book convention sounds like Heaven! And I’m super happy for you getting to meet Ann M. Martin. Babysitters’ Club was the best thing ever growing up!

Finally sat down and read “The Fault In Our a Stars” this afternoon, since it was only $4.99 for kindle. So much sobbing. Guys, the movie commercials come on and I start all over again. Just…..who was assigned to tell me that reading that book would be like a unicorn kick in the feels?? You failed. And I’m crying again. Everything is the best/worst.

A book convention? That sounds so awesome! I hope you have a good time :)

Well, we have a playdate tomorrow, so we’ve been unfucking the house for a good chunk of the day. I have still to do the bathroom and I reeeeally don’t want to do it.

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