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This Weekend Open Thread is Summer Cleaning

Spring cleaning is for the birds.

When spring first rolls around and everyone starts launching into cleaning mode, I’m usually knee deep in schoolwork, so I don’t participate. Of course, all the responsibilities and stress take over and by the end of the semester the clutter has taken over. Sure, I usually get a little stress-cleaning done while I’m writing papers, but weeding things out isn’t happening.

So I’m spending this weekend summer cleaning. I know, I know, technically it’s still spring. But I’m on summer break.

Wish me luck. I’m going in.

By [E] Liza

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I’m currently in the middle of a 14 hour layover. It hasn’t been as odious at it might sound because I knuckled and paid to enter the fancy lounge. I gotta tell you guys — totally worth it. The 40 bucks got me a very nice lounge, access to a recliner/sleeping space, a shower, a buffet, drinks, and wine. Wine! Theoretically, I’m only supposed to be in here for 6 hours, but they haven’t kicked us out yet.

Mr. Nonsense and I were both sick this week–nasty stomach bug that kicked both of our asses. So yesterday I spent my moments of energy de-bugging the bathrooms and bedrooms.

This weekend is going to be filled with more yard work because that’s all we seem to do these days. :/ Oh, and henna. Tonight is going to involve henna because my hair needs a pick me up.

We have a semi-busy weekend ahead. I’m about 99% sure the field will be too wet for t-ball tomorrow (again!), but Lexie has a birthday party to go to at Chuck E Cheese tomorrow and then if we get out of that early enough we’re hitting up a cupcake festival. Sunday morning is swim class, and then hopefully we’ll make it to the farmer’s market since we didn’t go last weekend.

My attic is looking better and better. There is still a slew of “I want to keep this but I don’t know where to put it” items, and a few more boxes to go through, but all of my sister’s crap is together, most of my ex-husband’s stuff is together, clothes to be donated are together, and clothes to sell on consignment are together. It looks so much more manageable, and will look even better after I put out the recycling.

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