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This Weekend Open Thread is the Best

Here’s a song I’ve been into this week.

It’s the end of my semester, so I’ve needed some tunes to push me through. This week I’ve spent a lot of time jamming to Nicki Minaj, especially her track “I’m the Best.”

Check it out:

What songs keep you going?

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I’m all packed up and ready to go! My husband and I leave for the Domincan Republic for a week tomorrow! Okay, we leave for the airport because the flight is just stupid early and we’re grabbing a hotel to make our lives easier and better than driving into NYC at 4am would be. But IT’S FINALLY HERE! We’ll be spending a week sitting on the beach drinking rum and relaxing. I’m not sure I have enough knitting or clothing, but man this is going to be fantastic! A whole week without P-mag is going to suck, but that must means there’ll be so MANY articles to come back to!

Not really. I think I got some long ones from Kohls with their “simply vera” line? Even with long leggings, though, I’ve found that they just add a couple inches to the bottom and not the top. It’s like, “I’m longer EVERYWHERE, not just below the knees!” I’m always trying to pull things up so that they are long enough for my midsection.

Boo. I guess I’m just going to have to keep rocking leggings as capris. The length hadn’t been bothering me anyway until a couple of random strangers commented on my legs being too long for my pants. :/

As for the top issue. Have you tried the “high waisted” sort? They usually hit me at or just below my belly button…which is higher than I prefer, but it beats constantly pulling my pants up. :)

My brother- with whom a good relationship is a fairly new thing and who is crashing in my backroom- invited me to try going swimming at the Y tomorrow. Unfortunately I have family plans (I”m basically the only one of us 3 kids who consistently endures extended family events, even though I’m the one with the rarely respected dietary restrictions) and boo hiss.

Boyfriend accidentally took one of the dog’s anxiety meds instead of Claritin. (They’re prescribed for humans, too, as antidepressants, so no danger. Just a big dose for a human.) He’s been sleep walking all day. And we went house hunting and he couldn’t even pay attention to the realtor. Oops.

I did foresee this happening. Should have moved the meds then.

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