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UfYH: Ten Things You Forget to Clean in the Bathroom

This week, we’re dealing with some long-forgotten places that we’d rather stay forgotten. Too much neglect can lead to some horrifying results, though, so get your gloves on and keep your supplies near; we’re heading into the bathroom.

Checklist of things to clean in the bathroom

Not sure how to clean some of these things? Ask in the comments, or try vinegar. Always try vinegar.

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17 replies on “UfYH: Ten Things You Forget to Clean in the Bathroom”

I’ve had good luck with a damp washcloth (mild soap and water) attached to my swiffer like I would a standard dust cloth- it lets you reach all the way up the walls and scrub a little as necessary without stripping paint. Rinse, repeat.

Unless your bathroom was painted with flat paint (texture feels/ acts like chalk), in which case skip the washing and just repaint with a semi-gloss that you can actually clean.

Luckily, when my mother bought the paint (I chose the color scheme, she painted the bathroom while my boyfriend & I were out of town for a week), she knew mildew resistance and gloss were important for a bathroom. I still have the cans in my basement. I’ll report back when I’m supposed to be awake.

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