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UfYH: Ten Things You Forget to Clean in the Kitchen

Welcome to our new room-by-room cleaning series! ¬†We’ll be reminding you of some of those random little things that you may not think to clean, but that get horrifyingly gross if not tended to every so often. This week, the kitchen.

Everyone’s space is different, of course, and you may have things that need attention that aren’t on this list, or some of the list items may not apply to you. Not sure how to clean any of these things? Vinegar’s usually a safe bet, but if that doesn’t seem to make sense, ask away in the comments!

Checklist of things to clean in a kitchen.


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10 replies on “UfYH: Ten Things You Forget to Clean in the Kitchen”

A couple of weeks ago, my honeymuffin & I were fed up with how slanted the stove is. (Old house + sagging -> oil doesn’t actually coat the pan) So we pulled out the stove and, before anything else, I cleaned the floor. We removed the storage drawer, too, to expose more floor. It was hairy.

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