Weekly Anime Review

Lots of action this week. All the shows were full-on action with little exposition, except Mahouk, which had a lot of exposition and plot placement. Captain Earth had a “meet Bad Guy A” setup. Black Bullet went by super fast and I feel like I missed something. The best, though, was Knight of Sidonia; it’s really shaping up to be a good show.

Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei, ep  4

Lots of talking in this episode.

First, Miyuki is so killing half the female population of the school before the end. She just can’t stand other women having a thing for her brother, and he sort of knows how to deal with them.

Second, looks like we have a plot, or more like, plots. There are anti-magic organizations out there and the Weed wants to get more “power” at the school. They also want Tatsuya in their group, which is probably going to backfire. The organizations are called Blanche and Egalite (it’s French for equality), and Tatsuya recognized their wristband on a student that attacked him.

Mari has a boyfriend. Erika is still an awesome character, too. Looks like the siblings come from one of the ten numbered magical clans, and they don’t want to go back. Interesting.

Captain Earth, ep 4

So, Hana have organelles that humans don’t have. There is also a ship under the sea that can produce weird energy.

There is a “Macbeth Enterprises” in this show. So are we going to get an Othello somewhere? It’s not all Midsummer Night’s Dream now. The Machine Goodfellow is actually something Macbeth Enterprises apparently created, but it’s meant to wired into Teppei, so it’s probably something else. Teppei is a Kill-T-Gang.

Akira's bellybutton
Magical belly button

How much do I bet he’s going to defect?

The other two Kill-T-Gang took a crêpe sale-trunk to go check the island where the kids are. I knew they were not in the dark face of the moon.

ORLY? The Kill-T-Gang feeds on libido? That’s one of the most stupid ideas I ever had the chance to see on an anime. Daichi is a Neoteny?

This episode wasn’t too good for comprehension.

Nobunaga The Fool, ep 16

Arthur is so creepy.

Nobu and Jeanne had a heart-to-heart about what they think of the Savior-King business and other stuff. Was a lot of blah, blah for finally coming back to stuff said earlier in the show. They were saved and the Azuchi used the Pillar of Hercules to go back in space. Interesting that Jeanne was born in the village where the pillar was.

The most interesting part is that Caesar and Mitsu are now stuck together on the star of the East. That should be interesting in the next episode.

Black Bullet, ep 4

This episode was weird. It went by super fast.

Rentaro has a bionic left arm, legs and right eyes. They were eaten by a gaestra ten years ago and he ended up joining the same army corp as the crazy guy. Speaking of the crazy guy, he was beaten, but a five-stage gaestra showed up anyway…summoned by a kid’s tricycle. Something wrong is going on here.

Very wrong. Everyone is lying, it seems.

Knight of Sidonia, ep 4

You know, despite having replayed a scene three times, this episode was pretty good. We got space dodging to avoid collisions between Sidonia and the Gauna. We got a Gauna that transformed into a super big Higgs cannon. We got Nagate going all badass on us.

It also appears that the Gauna know about the spear meant to kill them, because it changed its course from Sidonia to the retrieval team once it saw them.

Gauna Higgs cannon
This is a Gauna Higgs cannon

Interestingly enough, there were still a lot of casualties in Sidonia, rapid side-way acceleration is bad in space kid.

Also, the “quad formation” of the Gardes has the mecha holding hands. I could make so many jokes about this.

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