Weekly Anime Review

We saw lots of plot advancements, which can be summarized as politics, always politics. We also had some action, and two shows had gravity-less episodes. Knight of Sidonia is probably my favorite show this season, and I hope it keeps it up. I want Nobunaga the Fool to end soon because I think its starting to lose steam.

Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei,  Ep  5

This is an episode about discrimination that fell flat. This happened mainly because we lacked a long built-up. We know about the Weed and Bloom, but the events in this episode are disproportionate to everything else.

The “revolutionists” decide to do not so nice things at the school. You know, this episode shows how magic users own muggles. Like real bad. And it’s not over. The next episode could have some interesting stuff with the siblings going to investigate the explosion in another building.

We also observed a bit of exposition at the beginning about doing magic. I’m not sure my brain processed the whole thing. It’s more like software with the body as the hardware.

Captain Earth, Ep 5

Hana is an idiot. She did the Belly Button Forte while wearing a dress in front of men. Looks like the squirrel might not be a squirrel, too. Pitz is the one who told Hana that the Machine Goodfellow worked on Orgone energy. It seems like Hana is food to the Kill-t-Gang if she can produce Orgone.

Teppei’s father, the gene donor for his “designer child,” is a criminal. He attempted murder in order to save Teppei from being used by Macbeth Entreprises. The guy was kept in the freezer and it looks like Salty Dog tried to kidnap him. He is awesome, though, and escaped. I wonder if we are going to see him again.

This was a two character episode. The other central character is Akira. She gets to see her mother. That is sort of cool, especially because her mom is all happy about it. Although Akira going to see her  mother was all a ploy to spring Teppei’s dad out from hibernation before he is kidnapped. Looks like the Ark, the big space station Akira’s mom manages, is meant to keep sleepers away from Earth if it gets destroyed. That’s why there is an Ark Faction.

There is also an Intercept Faction, which I guess is the Earth Engine one. Akira belongs to that one. There is also Salty Dog, but I’m not sure who they work for.

Nobunaga The Fool, Ep 17

Himiko is probably dying, which means she’s not going to die, I guess. She also relates her memory about Nobunaga, and it looks like it’s normal that he doesn’t remember.

Jeanne is so…Jeanne. She now enters a war of love for Nobu’s heart with Himiko. I’m expecting more angst in the future from miss-angst. Really, she would be a good match for Mitsu.

King Arthur's face
King Arthur’s doll face…I don’t think it’s real.

Caesar and Mitsu are made prisoners. Caesar is awesome, as always. We also learn about his mask, which he originally wore to hide a wound, but he kept it because the ladies love it. It also seems that he also wasn’t punished. lol. Mitsu is angsting again, but he also escapes with the unnoticed help of the imp twins.

Arthur sends his whole army to invade the East. This means that a big battle is coming. Hopefully this will be more exiting than the last few episodes.

Black Bullet, Ep 5

So, we move away from fighting Gaestra to an inter-Japan political mess complete with backstabbing. This is starting to get interesting. Rentarou even knows about politics, becaus his adoptive-father brought him everywhere when he was younger.

The whole harem thing doesn’t delight me. Although, it’s not really a harem and Enju is just awesome when he reminds women that Rentarou is into big boobs and only Kitara has that.

Also, I have the nagging feeling that Sentenshi is a Cursed Children, but it might be just me trying to put more anime clichés in a show full of them.

Knight of Sidonia, Ep 5

We watched a “survive in the deep of space without fuel” episode. We also learn a lot; there was quite a bit of exposition.

First, it looks like photosynthesis requires nudity. Poor Nagate — he was trapped alone in a small cockpit with a girl who naked girl half the time. This episode had more fan service than usual. The kid ends up saving by the 256 Gardes of Sidonia, who mutinied and did a reverse trust. It was beautiful.

256 Knight of Sidonia doing a reverse trust
The Cavalry has arrived

Onto the exposition: The Bear-cook and the Captain are over 600 years old. They are the ones who found the spear thing in a strange alien structure. They named it after rice grain, and it actually seems to be organic. The Bear is a bit annoyed by the Captain; it seems like Nagate’s grand-father (I actually think he is a clone), wasn’t too happy about the management of Sidonia. There were also 500 ships like Sidonia that left Earth 600 years ago when it was destroyed by the Gauna, not sure if that is a lot or not.

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