Weekly Anime Review

We got action, plot and exposition this week. Mahouka is continuing their anti-magic terrorist storyline with the trope that student school administration has all the rights. Captain Earth has more plot twists. Nobunaga the Fool has their “all is lost” episode, Black Bullet has more Tina Sprout, and Knights of Sidonia has drama… lots of drama.

Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei,  ep  6

So Blanche was after the secret magic research of the school and was using the students and Mibu to get them. We also learned why she felt discriminated against, and it was sort of facepalming. See, Mari refused to teach her Kendo because she considered her too good, but Mibu got that all wrong. Erika wasn’t too surprised, though.

Miyuki is quite powerful; she would make a scary opponent anywhere, especially with the freezing people alive trick. Also, Erika is really awesome. She’s from a powerful swordsman clan and destroyed Mibu like she was nothing. Her fighting style is the same as Mari, but Mari was a student of the Chiba clan, while Erika is “purebred” and a “Weed.”

Next episode should have lots of fighting again, Tatsuya and a few other students are moving against Blanche. That’s quite the extracurricular activity.

Captain Earth, ep 6

Puck is manipulating Kube into doing stupid things. I loved his “Puck never lies,” yeah, sure; Kube clearly never read A Midsummer Night’s Dream. The Kiltgang are the ones in charge of Macbeth Enterprise. We also learn that Hana was probably in their hand at some point and that they wanted her to use the livelaster.

Salty Dog tried to kidnap Hana again. Idiots.

The eye of Puck
Reflection in the eye of a puck

Looks like the Dark Side of the Moon construction happened when a lunar base was sucked dry of its libido. That’s morbid.

Nobunaga The Fool, ep 18

Jeez, Alexander is overpowered. The guy doesn’t need an army, he just toys with everyone, even Kenshin, who one-shot the other Round Table General super easily after he destroyed Takeda. Everyone one aside from Kenshin was useless this episode.

Alexander’s mecha is also absorbing the ley line power and caused the Star of the East destruction. I’m really starting to think that Arthur’s plan is just to destroy everything.

Black Bullet, ep 6

I sort of like Tina and I really wonder why she became a soldier. Not only is she one of the Cursed Children, she is also a mechanized soldier. Ouch.

It seems like this show is not so much about the Geastra as it is about those mechanized soldiers. Doctor Sumire did some exposition on the subject, saying there were three other doctors who participated in this project and that all top Promoters are mechanized solders.

Tina with a railgun
Loli with a railgun, it’s a miracle that she doesn’t bounce everywhere…

I find the ranking of promoters and initiators to be a bit stupid, though; it’s like if you were ranking cops in a city.

Knights of Sidonia, ep 6

Strange episode.

First, Tanikaze gets recognized by everyone now that he is a hero. Of course, Kunato is not happy about this at all. The guy has a way too big opinion of himself.

We also learn that the ship’s elders (or whatever they are) don’t like Tanikaze and tell the Captain that he will leave her again like his grandfather did. I’m wondering what the talking Bear is, but she was relieved to see that Tanikaze survived three weeks lost in space.

Then the episode moved to some sort of girl-fight over Tanikaze. Three ladies are running after him at this point. At least, none of the 11 Honokas are. Kunato, Hen Honoka and Hojishiro were all made full Gardes, along with Tanikaze.

The episode ended with a hive-type Gauna showing up, but we don’t see the fight, only the aftermath with a memory-hazed Tanikaze and people being annoyed at him. Seems like one of our harem members died and probably Hen too, going by how her sisters were pissed off.

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