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Nobunaga The Fool is getting a bit boring, but there aren’t that many episodes left so I will probably watch it until the end. Captain Earth, Mahouka, Sidonia and Black Bullet are getting interesting, though. Pretty action combined with plot secrets is always a winner.

Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei  ep  7

Badass. Tatsuya can destroy weapons through walls in a single shot of his gun. That’s rather overpowered. He can also use magic while being cast-jammed with the right stuff. Although, that wasn’t explained.

It’s also funny that the leader of Blanche in Japan can use magic: hypnotism, to be precise. Hypocrite much? He lost an arm for it, though. Someone wasn’t too happy about what happened to Mibu and he likes swords. This also resulted in a couple: Mibu and the guy who slashed her Kendo armor.

Miyuki doing ice magic
Miyuki’s ice field

The ending finally introduced the guy using guns in the opening sequence. He’s from another school and people call him the Crimson Prince. I wonder if there are school competitions in this setting.

Captain Earth ep 7

Seven episode until we get someone named Captain Earth. That’s probably the longest intro to an anime I’ve got to see.

Lots of things happened in this episode. First, the Kill-T-gangs attack again, both of them. Although, there are apparently six of them, including Teppei. The other three are missing in action. Going by the preview, one of them is going to awaken next episode.

The Earth Engine got partially destroyed again. Sigh, Daichi is not a good pilot. He did destroy Amarok, though, so I guess he gets bonus points. Teppei destroyed his Ego Block, which means he is no more immortal and I guess his planetary gear is destroyed, but he did get a Livelaster in exchange.

The ending had the four kids made members of the Globe facility where they have been and given the name Midsummer’s Knights with Daichi as the leader. His face was priceless and his  Japanese family name actually means Midsummer.

Nobunaga The Fool ep 19

This was an interesting episode, except maybe for more of Jeanne’s torture scenes. Did we really need more of that?

We also had a big spoiler, with Leonardo’s Last Supper drawing. We so have a Judas now. unfortunately, it appear that Kenshin died for real now. Or he is going to be the last bad guy?

No sure what will happen next, there aren’t many episodes left.

Black Bullet ep 7

This episode sort of went too fast. We at least learned who was Tina’s master: Doctor Rand. But there is no clear indication he was working for the bad Japanese dude.

For saving Senteishi’s life, Rentaro was upgraded to level 300. He’s now one of the highest-ranked dudes in the Tokyo area. It resulted in an interesting ending.

As for Tina, she was defeated, by a miracle…and ended up joining Rentaro’s security team. Enju and Kitara were super happy despite being almost killed. It was sort of weird.

Knight of Sidonia ep 7

I knew that Tanekaze wouldn’t have screwed up all by himself. Kunato is a freaking moron, endangering everyone to satisfy his ego. I hope he has an awful death, but guys like that tend to survive until the end. Meh.

Seems like Sidonia isn’t too happy with Tanekaze’s supposed screw-up. Some actually want to leave and the Captain is letting it happen. Although I feel like there is a catch here, you don’t call a doctor to prepare for a departure ceremony…

Midorikawa is now the XO of the colony, because the old one is going back to being a pilot. She wasn’t too happy about the news. They also flushed out more Gaunas, hiding in a gas giant. I’m starting to think that the Captain is literally waging war on them now, as opposed to trying to avoid them.

Gauna modeled after Hishijori's frame
Hoshijiro’s frame, Gauna style.

They found three and they all took the shape of Hishijiro’s Gardes frame. Including the number. Spooky.

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