Dispatches from Ladyblogland

Dispatches from Ladyblogland

This edition of dispatches is full of new blogs to read and a bunch of great videos.

Audra McDonald won her sixth Tony the other week, making her the winningest woman in the history of that awards show. Clutch

Racialicious rounds up discussion of the misogyny and racism that fueled Elliot Rodger’s rampage.

The Frisky rants about men who don’t read books by women.

New to me ladyblog alert: The Riveter highlights longform journalism by women.

Another new blog: The Nation just launched The Curve, a blog dedicated to hashing out economic issues from a feminist perspective.

Servicey: How to properly wash and dry your bras. The Gloss

The Toast tells us about women ignoring men in art.

And now for the viewing portion of this week’s roundup:

Shonda Rhimes’ commencement address at Dartmouth:

High school boys talk about why they are feminists:

If Asians said the stuff white people say:

Watch Uzo Aduba audition for every role on Orange is the New Black. Funny or Die

Tim Gunn wants a plus-sized Project Runway season. MAKE IT WORK! Refinery29

A new study demonstrates that being cool in high school means nothing for your success (also, my grandma was totally right about this). Jezebel

Feministing has a fascinating article about how migrant women are documenting their own experience.

Bitch Media posted this photo on their Facebook that highlights how Seventeen magazine has changed: In 1973, the cover featured an actual native person. In 2010, the magazine featured a white girl dressed up in “Navajo fashion.”

Over at The Hairpin, Susan Schorn talks cheap crafting and avoiding Hobby Lobby.

Essence has a delightful gallery of Ruby Dee’s life.

What did you read this week?


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Ugh. I mean, I guess I should like the male students talking about feminism, but part of the reason why we still even need feminism is because a male feminist gets WAY more respect than a female feminist.

Plus the website mentioned in the video,, is using the video to “prove” that women’s studies can reach boys and is therefore of value. I never got the memo that said that a class has to appeal to boys to be of value.

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