I Refuse to Associate with Fat-Shamers

Be better than this, everyone on the internet.

Back when I was trying to be vegan (why that didn’t work out is a different post for a different day), I requested to join a “vegan humor” group on Facebook (what? Vegans have a sense of humor?! Gasp!), and was somewhat dismayed with what I saw.

You guessed it, fat-shaming.

I don’t clearly remember all of the stuff that I came across, but there were at least a couple that related to animals who had gotten fat by eating fast food. Cue me rolling my eyes so hard I pull a muscle.

First of all, that’s not even original. The “lol, McDonald’s makes you fat” trope has been happening forever. Don’t insult me with lazy comedy (wait, aren’t us fatties supposed to be the lazy ones?). Punching down — meaning making jokes at the expense of people who are marginalized — is just plain unfunny.

Second, it’s not based on truth. Fat people don’t have significantly different lifestyles than thin people. That’s been shown in, you know, actual scientific studies. Individuals have different sizes and shapes across the spectrum of eating and movement regiments — from couch potatoes to Olympic athletes. Stop spreading misinformation.

Third, you’re being hateful and rude. Don’t do that.

Needless to say (I assume), I left the group. While technically the admin seems to have decreed that body-shaming wasn’t allowed, these posts were still up, and any dissent against them was thinsplained away. Not worth the aggravation.

But here’s the most important part: I don’t want to associate with people who think that kind of hate is funny or clever. The internet is a place where I have forged friendships, and I prefer not to have those sorts of individuals in my life. I don’t stand for bigotry, and I don’t want to make friends with people who do.

By [E] Liza

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Things get pretty shame-y on calorie counting forums too. (I know, no big shock.) But it gets especially tiring to hear “calories in should be less than calories out blah blah living within a certain weight range is so easy for me so it must be the same for everyone else.”

Like, if I went to a plumber about my slow shower and they said “looks like the issue is that your tub is taking in more water than it is letting out” that would be one useless plumber. But it’s perfectly OK to apply advice that would be too simplistic for a bathtub to the entire human metabolism?

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