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Lunchtime Poll: Booze!

It’s only Monday, and I’m sure most of us are ready for a drink. It’s 5 o’clock somewhere, right? ….Right?

What I reach for at the end of a long day depends on the level of angst I have bottled up in my soul. A relatively normal day with minor gripes: I’ll probably grab an ice-cold beer out of the fridge. A stressful day with lots of coworker and boss problems: An excuse for pouring myself a very large glass of South African wine (14.5% alcohol!). If I almost got fired, quit, or started out a week of 12-hour days: You’ll catch me on the couch, with a bottle of Jameson and a straw.

How about you? What do you reach for when you want a drink?


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Normal day, glass of red or white wine, depending on the humidity. (On those really humid Indiana Are-We-In-The-Dinosaur-Swamps days, only chilled white wine will do.)

Long day or bad day, 2 fingers of whatever scotch I’ve got on the counter, while curled up in the corner of the couch talking to myself.

It depends on the mood for me too. Beer, I tend to like either lager-types or dark/malty types, but I hate IPAs or anything to perfume-y.

Wine, I am red wine almost all the time. South America is usually a good bet, but as far as variety, it’s usually cab savs, red blends or malbecs.

As far as liquor goes — gin all the way. With tonic, or ginger beer/ale, or whatever else seems like a good mixer at the time. Made strong. Lime slice if you’ve got it.

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