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So, this week we’ve got China making moves in the South China Sea, a refugee crisis out of Afghanistan, election drama, and South Korea playing Algeria in the World Cup, among other things.

China has decided to send four oil rigs to the South China Sea despite ongoing tensions with Vietnam and other Southeast Asian nations over maritime territory.

Thousands are fleeing Pakistan’s tribal region of North Waziristan as the military moves in to root out anti-government forces.

One of the two contenders for the Afghan presidency, Abdullah Abdullah, has stated that he’ll reject any final results from the run-off election because of supposed fraud.

On a related note, this story looks at how women’s rights are being used as a bargaining chip in the Afghan election. The following is the most heartbreaking quote in the article:

The concerns reflect the vulnerabilities that Afghan women face: that the rights hard won by and for them could be bargained away as part of a deal with Islamist insurgents who want women silent, invisible, and compliant as a condition for peace.

This report by UNHCR shows a sharp increase of refugees between 2006-2013, with Afghanistan being the biggest contributor. There are currently 50 million displaced persons in the world, the highest since World War II.

Something we take for granted in the US might become a reality in India: The Power Minister is aiming for India to have electricity 24/7 in the near future by ramping up coal output.

The Japanese Parliament only recently outlawed the possession of child pornography after intense international pressure; however, manga is exempt from the law.

After blocking access to “blasphemous content,” Twitter has officially restored access.

This story highlights how the the Asia-Pacific region must change how it uses its natural resources.

In a very big “fuck you” to Beijing, tens of thousands of Hong Kong citizens have cast votes in an unofficial referendum on political independence that the Chinese government does not like very much.

Finally, South Korea is playing Algeria for the second place spot in Group H in the World Cup. (Algeria won, 4-2 ~ed.)

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