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Summer in Your Own Backyard

Ah… it’s June, the weather is warm and the living is easy. It’s Friday afternoon, and the dreams of the weekend loom large… except when they don’t. What happens when your summer wallet doesn’t match your summer dreams? 

After the long midwestern winter of 2014, there’s nothing better than a warm summer afternoon. Here are a couple of ways to spend one, right on your own patio or balcony or patch of grass  (don’t forget sunscreen):

  • Find the right chair. Maybe you like to lounge. Maybe an Adirondack chair is more your style. Try some out, and find one that fits your life. Most of my summer outdoor plans include lounging, but my chair is very portable so I can switch between the front and backyards.
  • Try out some new shades. I’m a fan of cheap sunglasses, mostly because I misplace them all the time. I love to start summer with new shades.
  • Go thrift shopping for new threads. Summer feels better in a new dress, even  a new-to-you dress. You might even find some goodies for your outdoor space.
  • Catch up on summer reading. Beach books, magazines, whatever your guilty pleasure is, the local library can probably hook you up.
  • Kick back with a cocktail (we have many suggestions). Drinking is almost always cheaper (and safer) at home. Middle of the afternoon? It’s five o’clock somewhere.
  • Plant something. I’m a mojito fan, so last weekend I planted some herbs, including mint. Now I can sit by my mint plant and sip my mojito. No room outside? We have a hanging herb garden for that.
  • Dine al fresco. Patio dining is my favorite. If you can’t get to your favorite cafe patio, create your own or spread out a blanket.
  • Invest in a kiddie pool. Kids not required. Don’t have pool access? Cool your feet in a kiddie pool. It’s no lazy river, but it’ll do.

Are you noticing a theme? Get outside while the days are long and the nights are starry. We’ll be back inside wrapped up in blankets soon enough.



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