This Week in Misogyny

This Week in Misogyny is Not a Trophy Wife

Oh, Republicans. Y’all need to stop. So do a lot of other people. But we also get to find out why men shouldn’t wear suits (yes they should!), check out some misandristic accessories, and have a moon party! (As usual, trigger warnings for pretty much everything apply.)

Republicans introduced several bills intended to help working families, but unsurprisingly, the provisions aren’t terribly helpful. Instead of addressing childcare costs or supporting programs like universal pre-k, they would allow people to have a crib in their home office without losing the tax deduction. Instead of having to pay employees overtime if they worked more than 40 hours, employers would be able to force them to take “comp time” off. They’re trying to change the ACA requirement that employers provide insurance to anyone working 30 hours per week to only apply to people working at least 40 hours. And while they would theoretically help the gender wage gap by ensuring that employees can discuss their compensation without fear of repercussions, they don’t actually penalize workplaces that pay women less.

The “red tape won’t cover up rape” movement has led some college students to spell out IX in red tape on their caps at graduation as a nod to Title IX, which requires schools to protect students from sexual assault.

An Iraq War veteran who shot and killed his 14-year-old stepdaughter because he thought she was a burglar won’t be charged because of Colorado’s “Make My Day” law.

Tokyo assemblywoman Ayaka Shiomura was mocked by other politicians during a speech in favor of providing better support to Japanese women who want to have children.

Hillary Clinton has been attacked recently because she defended a rapist in 1975, but she was a public defender and that was her freaking job, because anyone accused of a crime has the right to an attorney.

“Trophy wives” aren’t as common as we think—old studies assumed that when attractive women married powerful men, she wasn’t powerful and he wasn’t attractive. Turns out that since beauty and power tend to go together, a lot of those pairings are actually between men and women who are both powerful and attractive.

I totally want some of these IAmElemental female action figures!

Terrible people of the week!

  • Bob Jones University, whose staff members told female students who reported being raped that they had to figure out what sin had led to their being raped so they could atone for it, and in at least one case told the victim she should beg her rapist for forgiveness.
  • Gov. Rick Scott, for signing a law that makes it harder for women to obtain late-term abortions, even to save their lives.
  • The U.S. House Appropriations Committee, for passing the Aderholt Amendment that bans the use of ICE funds to pay for abortions for detained immigrants (even though this has never actually happened) and allows ICE employees to refuse detainees access to abortions.
  • Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC), for interrogating Dr. Mandy Cohen about why his insurance has to cover maternity services even though he and his wife are too old to need them.
  • Dr. Paul McHugh, for his anti-trans, anti-gender confirmation surgery op-ed that was published in the Wall Street Journal.
  • The Wall Street Journal, for publishing McHugh’s ignorant rant and for also publishing a front-page article whining that gay people have it so good because they’re in so much danger in other countries that they can apply for asylum in the US.
  • Former Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer, for saying that Southern men are “effeminate” and set off his “gaydar,” and for using a weird metaphor to call Sen. Dianne Feinstein a whore. (I think. It was a terrible metaphor.)
  • Dov Charney, who is always terrible, but American Apparel finally got fed up enough to fire his harasser ass.
  • The 4chan trolls who started the #EndFathersDay hashtag, and the Fox News hosts who thought feminists really did want to do away with Father’s Day.
  • Mike Daisey, who decided to name his new monologue performance Yes All Women. After a pretty big backlash, he relented and changed the name to Yes This Man. No word on the content yet, since he improvises and doesn’t perform until next week.
  • Central Davidson High School in North Carolina, for sending home a senior two hours before school let out on the last day of the school year because her dress was too short by half an inch. Props to her mom for wearing the dress to graduation!
  • The Strand Bookstore, for thinking a “Prose Before Hoes” magnet was a funny idea. (Though massive props to the employees who protested its sale, and not just because I used to work there and still know a lot of them and would never have let them get away with making that when I ran the merch department.)

While this story is probably a hoax, the way it was reported in the Huffington Post (and probably a lot of other media outlets) was sexist for putting the blame on a sunbathing woman rather than the drivers who (allegedly) caused a multi-car accident while ogling her.

Dudes. You can’t climb on stage during concerts and try to kiss the women in the band. Do we really have to explain this to you??

Sigh. Of course Anna Paquin is totally naked on the cover of Entertainment Weekly while Stephen Moyer is fully clothed.

And eyerolls at this TIME headline: “This Photo of Kim Kardashian Shows Why Women Can’t Have It All.” Especially since the premise of the post is that she can, though it still snarks on her for doing so.

Yes, there was a panel headed by six white male CEOs at the Global Summit of Women, but that’s not as terrible as the visual would imply. Let’s face it, there are a hell of a lot of male CEOs and we can’t change things if only women are concerned with helping other women.

High fives to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, which apologized for running George Will’s post in which he claimed college girls see being a rape victim as a “coveted status” and said they’re dropping his syndicated column entirely.

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I found an interesting editorial on the Al Jazeera website about soccer and what it means to be an American.

The soccer’s iconic quadrennial event is underway in Brazil, and the hype for the tournament is on the rise in the States. How well will the U.S. perform in its “group of death” against Germany, Portugal and Ghana? There is much hope and excitement. But it is also an opportunity to reconsider what “American” stands for. How much do ideas of what it means to be American — whether in sports or more broadly — genuinely reflect the realities of gender, age, race and ethnicity in the U.S.?

I got lost in the comments of that awesome Modesty (sorta) satire article. Just wanted to come up for a breather to say THANK YOU for introducing me to this site. One problem I had a former Jezebel was butting heads with feminist atheists (atheist feminists?) because I always felt I had to defend my faith and inform them that not all Christians are like the horrible ones trying to pass laws to turn us all into second-class citizens (or worse). So in short, thank you for this resource.

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