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This Weekend Open Thread is a Big Fat Rainbow

Two new states with same-sex marriage and it’s NYC Pride this weekend? Woo!

Have a prideful weekend, Persephoneers!

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Okay, so normally I’m a fan of Upworthy videos, but today I was sent one about the rental laws in my home state and how horrible they are. So I went and did a basic google search to see what the actual laws are because I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. And I guess because I trusted the people who sent me videos that I never verified them for myself in the past, but 90% what the video told me was false or extremely exaggerated/misrepresented. And I hate that because I know they do good work, but I’m disenchanted with life and don’t want to start an internet fight posting about it on facebook.

So instead, I share with you wonderful beings because being disillusioned sucks, and I fiugre no one here will make it a name calling mean fight. (If you’re curious the video I’m referring to is the one saying how terrible rental laws in AR are. From what I can see, they aren’t any worse than most places, and the housing that appears in video is abandoned and does not meet minimum safety standards which are set for all housing regardless of it being rented or not). /end sad rant

So angry about the SCOTUS ruling. 9-0. Deciding that “free speech” equals “force people who don’t know you to listen to you harangue them regarding a perceived fault while you seek medical treatment that may or may not have anything whatsoever to do with the issue you are upset about in the first place.”

If that’s less than coherent, it might be because I spend the better part of an hour arguing with a deeply Catholic man on the issue of abortion only to end the conservation because he literally said, “How can I learn if you won’t teach me?” GIRL, BYE.

I know, right? I was really excited when I saw it on the news at lunch, but knowing how courts work, I also knew that someone would appeal it immediately and ask for emergency injunctive relief, ie STOP ALL THE MARRIAGES! It will be interesting to see where this leaves the marriages that have already happened. I think it’s good that people rushed to the courthouse though. It will be much harder to just overturn the appeal if there would be legitimate harm done to citizens who have already been legally conferred a state benefit.

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