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We Try It: Taking Toddlers to Open Gym

Ever since I moved closer to my sisters, I’ve been spending a lot more time with my niece and nephews, particularly my one sister’s set of twins, since they live about five minutes from me. So even though I don’t have kids, I get to bear witness to the trials and tribulations of parenthood.

This past weekend, since my brother-in-law was out of town, I got to help my sister take the twins to an open gym held at one of the area arenas. The twins had never been to one before, and one of my sisters’ friends takes her little girl to this open gym, so she thought we should try it out. The gym has all sorts of activities for the kids, including trampolines, mats they can jump and run on, little balance beams, little obstacle courses, and a foam block pit. My sister and I took turns with each twin, and while my niece loved a large bouncy mat she could jump and run around on, my nephew liked the trampolines the best.

Twins in foam block pit.
This is the foam block pit, and my niece and nephew. Image is mine.

It’s really interesting seeing the differences between the two. My nephew is a more comfortable on his feet than his sister is, so while I had to hold her hand and make sure she didn’t trip off of the raised mats, he was able to make his way around the course by himself with me at his side. But he moves fast. Only one kid at a time can go on a trampoline, and when my niece was on trampoline with my sister, he scuttled away to see if he could get on it with them, and I had to hurry after him. This happened with the foam rubber block pit, too, which I lifted him out of first. I had to run after him because he took off right as I was getting out of the pit, so I think he was making sure I was getting some exercise, too.

All in all, I think it was a great experience for the twins, since they were able to play with other kids. Things like sharing and waiting your turn were probably some of the most important things emphasized here, and, of course, having fun. My sister is thinking of taking them again, and I will probably go along with her, but I think next time I’ll stay out of the foam block pit.

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The foam block pit! My little one fell in love with one particular block the other day. The screams when another kid kicked them all about and none of us could retrieve the right block! Open gym brings out all the feelings in my kids :p

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